Hundreds of amateur radio enthusiasts will gather this Saturday at the Georgetown CHEER Center for the annual Delmarva Amateur Radio and Electronics Expo. Come join the fun and bring the kids to learn why ham radio is not your granddaddy’s hobby anymore.

Chris Cote of Smyrna is bringing his ham radio equipment to demonstrate a variety of ways people spend time experimenting and making contacts both in and out of this world. Chris, FCC call sign KE5NJ, travels in his yellow demonstration bus, where his equipment is set up and ready to go.

Everyone is welcome to visit the yellow bus in the parking lot as early as 7:30 a.m. Chris says that his intention with this bus is to promote ham radio and give an opportunity for other Hams to try something new they have never done before, like satellite contacts. He goes to many events throughout the year including JOTA (Jamboree on the Air), Radio Merit Badge College, and POTA (Parks On The Air) to explain how radio works. Each event has a different purpose; but all include using ham radio to contact people around the world.

Ham radio is constantly evolving. New technologies are being developed and operators are always finding new ways to use them. Chris has been involved for almost 50 years and he is still planning new challenges. Later this year, he plans to bounce his radio signal from a public park location, off the moon, and back to earth to a station located in another park. This will require both the sending and receiving station be in a position where the moon is above the horizon, the right kind of antennas, and a great deal of astrological information to calculate the best date, time and trajectory. It’s one of the things hams call fun!

The Expo is being held at the Georgetown Cheer Center, 20520 Sand Hill Road. Radio operators from throughout the Mid-Atlantic will attend radio related seminars, buy and sell new and used radio equipment, or take a free licensing test. No matter what reason they come together, these ham radio operators enjoy “rag-chewing” (socializing) with each other, finding old friends and making new ones.

Parking and outside tailgating events, including the KE3NJ bus, are free. Admission to the vendor exhibits is $8 and doors open Saturday, April 15 at 8 a.m.