As proud Delawareans, CHEER is thrilled to share that it will be participating in a monumental statewide campaign this March 4-5. With fewer foundations, smaller grants and formerly localized investments now leaving the state, the impact of individuals like you is more important than ever in ensuring that seniors are fed and cared for. Can you imagine what life would be like for elderly loved ones if the work CHEER does stopped tomorrow? The community you care about relies on your support to CHEER.

And it’s not just CHEER’s work that makes Delaware a great place to call home. Even in our small state, there are more than 5,000 non-profits working each day to provide education, culture, health care, shelter, a quality environment and more. But the future of the work they do is not at all assured. We must do more! We must work together to ensure the continuation of the critical services that make Delaware safe, special and sustainable for future generations.

For 24 hours from 6 p.m. March 4 through 6 p.m. March 5, CHEER is asking you to do more with them. Please give to Do More 24 Delaware, and designate your donation to CHEER. Just log-in to, click on Start Here.

Help make 24 hours last for 12 months for a deserving senior. Mark your calendars for March 4-5 to take part in this important event.