By Rebecca Jones

Two attorneys will take the place of one as Town Solicitor in Bridgeville. That was one of topics of discussion at the Bridgeville Town Commission Meeting, held Monday, Sept. 12 at 5:30 pm in the Bridgeville Public Library.

Under financial matters, Town Manager Bethany DeBussy stated she was submitting approval for July and August financial statements. The operating fund, including checking and savings amounts, currently totals $4,980,992. It will decrease next month, she said, due to the fact that the town is currently in the process of changing banks. Therefore, the funds are in transition between the two banks. Currently, all accounts total $8,404,183 – and increase of $1,381,568 in June. 

Also, police vehicles previously purchased by the town are starting to arrive. 

DeBussy stated it was a slower month for building permits in the month of August. Only 12 building permits were granted – only two for new construction. July was a much busier month, she said. Updates on land use and development was a removed item for the old Jimmy’s Grille. 

In her report, DeBussy reiterated that redistricting did not mean that residents were to reregister to vote. She said notifications would go out soon to help residents identify under which district they would vote.

 In addition, she stated the new water rate hikes would take effect on Oct. 1. Those that need help figuring out how much they may need to pay were asked to look online for more information, or contact town hall. She also expressed pleasure that the new town logos are being affixed to town vehicles.

The first order of new business involved the appointment of a new Town Solicitor. After receiving six applications and interviewing five potential applicants, the town of Bridgeville appointed Attorneys Greg Morris (of Ligrouri and Morris), and Stephanie Ballard Wagner as the new Town Solicitors. It was stated during the meeting that Ballard Wagner will handle Planning and Zoning matters in the town.

Next, the Town of Bridgeville honored the outgoing Town Solicitor, Dennis L. Schrader, Esquire. Schrader was lauded for his approximately 50 years of service for the town of Bridgeville. He began as the town solicitor in 1972, with the exception of a few years, “that we won’t count,” joked DeBussy. 

President Tom Carey said, “I’ve become very reliant on you in a lot of matters. I’ll miss you.” 

DeBussy said, “We can’t imagine Bridgeville without Dennis Schrader. He’s been with us through the ups and downs, the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between.” 

She noted that she was grateful for the three years since her tenure began as town manager working with him. She thanked him for his guidance and “razor sharp humor.” They bestowed parting gifts, both whimsical and sentimental.

Next, a proclamation was read honoring Bernard Wade Carr. The proclamation noted his many acts of service to the community over the years, and recognized “Bernard Wade Carr’s lifelong contributions as a cherished resident and dedicated public servant to the community.” His peers chose May 20 as a day to honor him with an appreciation banquet. In the proclamation, the Commissioners of Bridgeville called upon all citizens in the town and surrounding areas to recognize, honor and celebrate “the mutually shared benefits of a life of service and dedication” of Carr.

Ken Christenberry from Axiom Engineering delivered a presentation on behalf of GED S. Main Dist, LLC, regarding the subdivision plan for the PODS site on South Main Street. Before they can build, they needed to indicate and acquire approval that they wished to only purchase six acres of the original 14 acres originally slated for the project. The seller is retaining the residual as farmland and possible further development. The lot subdivision was approved unanimously.

Also in new business, the Commissioners approved the official trick or treat/ “Trunk or Treat” hours. Bridgeville will hold Halloween on Monday, Oct. 31 between the hours of 6 to 8 p.m. 

The Bridgeville Commissioners voted to donate $600 toward the 4 Troy Foundation Golf Tournament, held at Heritage Shores, Oct. 7, starting at 10 a.m. The Commissioners will sponsor a hole, the money allocated for Kidney Cancer Awareness. All of the Commissioners, except Dr. Marlene Saunders, donated $100 apiece out of their “grants in aid” money; she donated $200.

 Before adjournment, Commissioner Tom Moran asked DeBussy if there were plans to add recreational facilities, such as a pickleball court to the park. DeBussy said, due to limited space, that it could be a possible issue; however, they are willing to look at the feasibility of possible, future expansions. 

Commissioner John Tomeski said that the Bridgeville Fire Company was willing to make a float for Mr. and Mrs. Claus to ride upon during the Bridgeville Christmas Parade. He said that the fire company is no stranger to making floats, and, with the help of his daughter and other people, he felt it would be nicely done. “We go big or we go home,” Commissioner Tomeski said. 

DeBussy gave him the go-ahead, while noting that she started sending invites to the parade back in May.

The next Bridgeville Commission Meeting is scheduled for Oct. 10, 7 p.m., at the Bridgeville Public Library.