Elizabeth Nicole LeCates of Delmar, Del. born January 7, 1994, passed from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. Liz was with her mommy and daddy fighting a courageous battle and numerous surgeries which she succumbed to. 

She went by Liz, Beth and Aunt Izzy. Liz was predeceased by her fiancé, Tim Tierney of Florida. Tim passed at the scene. She was also preceded in death by her grandmother Doris L. Brittingham Legates, grandfather Everett L. LeCates, Sr. and a nephew Noah A. Johnson. 

Liz is survived by her parents, affectionately still calling them daddy and mommy, James R. LeCates (JR) and Stacy L. LeCates, as well as Quincy (her faithful companion), sister Brittney LeCates, LynnLee LeCates, Steven Johnson, step grandfather John Legates, Uncle Bunky and Aunt Genece and Tim’s mom and dad, Marcy Ade and Jerry, as well as a host of family and friends. 

To say the you knew Liz meant, you knew a vibrant soul. She was a daredevil from birth. If a tree was there she would climb it. She once climbed a chicken house just to jump off of it (because it was there). Liz did not mind doing things that appealed to her. This meant dressing full blown Comic-Con or even driving a truck over the road with Tim. She had just recently started working as a “maintenance man” her words. 

She was passionate about a lot of things and voiced her opinions never backing down. She knew her Jesus as a teenager, and she would talk about it with Uncle Bunky. We will truly miss and keep her forever in our hearts.