Georgetown, Greenwood, Long Neck, Ocean View, and Milton CHEER Activity Centers will re-open Monday, February 1, but on limited space conditions due to current COVID guidelines. If you ride the bus, you must call ahead of time to set up your pickup. If you drive, call the center director to reserve your spot. CHEER is hoping things will get back to normal soon. In the meantime, call your center director for information.

CHEER’s Adult Day Program will re-open Feb. 8. Call 302-854-2882 for more information about ADP.

To offer opportunities for CHEER members to socialize and exercise their brains and bodies, CHEER continues to offer several activities through virtual programming. Members can use the ZOOM App on their home computers. Members are asked to check in 10 minutes prior to start time for each class or program. For more information, call the hosting center.