The COVID-19 virus continues to cause cancellations, including the Seventh Annual Recycled Cardboard Boat Regatta (RCBR), held every year on the first Saturday of August, at the Nanticoke River Marina in Blades.

The spirit of Reclaim Our River-Nanticoke (ROR Nanticoke) lives on through 2020 with many virtual workshops, especially those presented by NWA. Abbott’s Mill has virtual and traditional summer camps. Each partner has activities and learning opportunities through their website so please check them out. The state of Delaware offers a vast wealth of information online that will help you in your own property, including what not to buy. Go to

The theme of our regatta is “recycled” so please recycle. All of those Styrofoam take-out containers can now be recycled at our landfill at no charge, along with old electronics, etc. Go to for full information and drop-off sites. These sites are remarkably clean and organized making it very easy to stop by.

Stay active, enjoy the outdoors and get involved with events, workshops and County Council Hearings regarding Sussex County’s buffers around bodies of water/wetlands. To protect and enhance our water, these buffers are critical and Sussex County has the least regulations than any county in our state or surrounding states of NJ or MD. Hearings should be posted soon. 

ROR Nanticoke looks forward to future programs and events where we all can learn, explore and enjoy our beautiful Nanticoke River Watershed.