By Tina Coleman, Southern Delaware Tourism

With summer winding down and the fall shoulder season approaching, it’s especially important for the well-being of our local businesses and attractions that we at Southern Delaware Tourism (SDT) continue our efforts to communicate to locals and potential visitors that it’s safe to visit, shop, and play here. This is especially true because so much of our fall visitation in normal years is based around events that, this year, will not be taking place or will be taking place virtually.

To do that, we’ve created an Open Places, Open Spaces social media and e-marketing campaign that highlights the many activities, attractions, and businesses that visitors – and locals – can enjoy safely in Southern Delaware. The campaign incorporates video footage and still photos that illustrate the safety measures put in place by our tourism businesses. Videos commissioned by SDT include Stay; Sip & Savor; Shop; and Splash & Sunbathe. We’ve also received video and stills from tourism partners which we’ve used to populate a dedicated safety web page designed to inspire visitors’ confidence in Southern Delaware as a destination.

Additionally, the campaign strives to make clear that safety is a shared responsibility between our Southern Delaware community and our visitors. It reinforces the need for visitors to abide by face covering and social distancing requirements in order to enjoy the freedom and peace of mind needed to make their time in Southern Delaware a truly relaxing getaway.

The safety videos we’ve created are available to tourism partners to use in your marketing as well as for your website, e-newsletters, and social media. View the videos online at If you’d like to use the videos, you are welcome to share them from our YouTube channel or email us at to have the files sent to you. Please specify which videos you’d like to have sent.

Most importantly, we ask each of our tourism partners to please send us, on an ongoing basis, photos and videos that illustrate the safety measures you are taking. We need to demonstrate that our partners are continuing to respect, support, and implement guidelines to keep visitors’ confidence high.

Finally, please send us links to your website content that highlights the safety measures your tourism business is implementing to keep guests – and staff – safe and healthy. We will share these links on our page as well.