By Tina Coleman, Southern Delaware Tourism

With the New Year right around the corner, Southern Delaware Tourism is working to fill its 2023 events calendar. Our website calendar is just one of the many ways we promote and encourage year-round tourism in Sussex County, but it’s a really big, important one. Getting the word out about the events, activities, and festivals taking place here throughout the year for visitors to enjoy during their stays – or to plan their visits around – is a crucial part of our promotion efforts. 

People will be planning weekend getaways and annual vacations very soon, so it’s important that our calendar be as up to date as possible as early as possible. 

To add your event(s) to our calendar, go to You’ll see an Add Your Event button in the upper right hand corner. Clicking on this button takes you to a form where you can input your event info and upload a photo. If you’re an Arts and Entertainment partner, rather than upload your events into our calendar please upload them to the calendar at 

Southern Delaware arts and entertainment events listings are automatically downloaded from that website to our website calendar, so your listing will get twice the exposure with just one upload. 

Note: Whether you upload your events directly to our calendar or to the calendar, they are subject to an approval process prior to posting. This can result in a gap of several days before your listing will appear in our calendar. Please keep this in mind when posting an event. This will also give us time to create one or more social posts promoting your event if it meets SDT’s criteria for our social media feeds. 

If you’re not sure your event is appropriate for listing in our calendar or social media, keep in mind that our events listings and posts typically consist of items that are likely to attract visitors from 50 or more miles away as our mission is to encourage overnight visitation. We generally do not post events to our calendar that are presented by individual businesses but we love posting events that are the result of collaborations between two or more Sussex County tourism partners. If you’re not sure your event qualifies, go ahead and post it. We’ll make the call when the post appears in the back end of our calendar. 

Tourism-related businesses can also share their offerings or events with more than 22,000 subscribers to eScapes, our monthly consumer newsletter. Enter to win a free ad by sharing our eScapes Facebook post on the first of each month. You’ll find it at There are three monthly winners. Ads may also be purchased. For information about purchasing advertising, email Lana O’Hollaren, marketing manager, at 

Submitting your events to Southern Delaware Tourism’s calendar as early as possible (three months in advance is the sweet spot) helps us entice visitors and potential visitors to Southern Delaware – and to your events – while they’re planning their 2023 getaways.