Morning Star Publications received a total of 39 awards at the Maryland-Delaware-D.C. (MDDC) awards ceremony last Friday in Annapolis. The Laurel Star had 12 first place awards and 16 second place awards to finish in second place by one point in its division. The Seaford Star received six first place awards and five second place awards and was fourth. The following are the award winners:

Laurel Star- Community Service Program- 1. Breast Cancer Awareness, Star staff, 2. Non-profit stories and collections, Star staff; New Business Concept- 1. Holiday Gift Guide Sections, Star Staff; Sports Feature Photo- 2. Mike McClure; Business Non-Retail Large Print- 2. CFM Dog Days of Summer, Brittany Passon and Tede Griffith; Business Non-Retail Small Print- 2. Lee Johnson Halloween, Brittany Passon and Chris Elliott; Restaurant/Entertainment Large Print- 1. Home and Garden Expo, Brittany Passon and Tede Griffith; Restaurant/Entertainment Small Print- 1. Pizza King Veterans Day, Brittany Passon and Tede Griffith, 2. Delmar Pizza holiday, Brittany Passon and Greg English; Retail Large Print- 2. Jeff’s Greenhouse Holiday, Karen Cherrix and Chris Elliott; Retail Small Print- 1. Heritage Jewelers, Brittany Passon and Tede Griffith; Self Promotional Advertising- 1. Complete package, Karen Cherrix, 2. E-sub, Karen Cherrix; Best Headline- 2. Chickens told to fly the coop, Mike McClure; Sports Page Design- 1. Delmar field hockey wins eighth title, Mike McClure, 2. Sussex Academy soccer wins state title, Mike McClure; Advertising Driven Special Section Stand Alone- 2. Fall Sports Book, Star Staff; Advertising Driven Special Section In Paper- 1. Spring Home and Garden, Star staff, 2. Salute to Ag, Star staff; News Driven Special Section- 1. Laurel Football Salute to Champions, Mike McClure, 2. Delmar Field Hockey Salute to Champions, Mike McClure; News Driven Informational Graphics- 2. Winter Sports Standings, Mike McClure; Local Column Feature or Humor- 1. Snow forecasts, Tony Windsor, 2. Nothing to complain about, Tony Windsor; Sports Column- 2. Sports before Labor Day, Mike McClure; Editorial- 2. Enough with the four way stops, Mike McClure; Series- 1. Local non-profits, Mike McClure; Feature photo- 1. Mr. Sunflower, Mike McClure

Seaford Star- General News Photo- 1. Bernard Carr; Sports Feature Photo- Blue-Gold buddies, Bernard Carr; Sports Action Photo- 1. Woodbridge basketball playoffs, Bernard Carr; Photo Series- 2. Riverfest, Mike McClure and Lynn Schofer; Breaking News Photo- 1. Tornado damage, Rebecca Jones; Retail Ad Small Print- 2. Antique Alley Open House, Karen Cherrix and Chris Elliott; Retail Large Print- 1. Dukes Happy Birthday, Brittany Passon, Karen Cherrix, and Chris Elliott; Local Government- 1. Seaford Council, Lynn Schofer; Growth and Land Use Planning- 2. Seaford Progress, Lynn Schofer; Environmental Reporting- 2. Blades EPA meeting, Carol Kinsley; Custom Publication- 1. Kiwanis anniversary section, Star staff and Seaford Kiwanis Club; Public Service- 2. Light It Up Blue, Star staff