By Mike McClure

Seaford Mayor David Genshaw and Councilman Matt MacCoy were re-elected during the city’s election on Saturday, April 16. Both men feel like the vote indicates that the city is headed in the right direction.

“I was really happy with the results. I’m glad that people came out in a larger number than usual. People were motivated to come out and vote,” said Genshaw, who won, 412-189, in the mayoral election.

Genshaw said he has received a lot of support, both from residents and people outside the city who are investing in Seaford. He also said a number of supporters are passionate about the fetal remains ordinance that the Seaford Council had passed before it was put on hold.

“It was a clear message that people are encouraged by what we are doing,” Genshaw said, adding that what the city has accomplished is a result of teamwork between its employees and the elected officials. “It takes all of us to get these things through.”

Genshaw pointed to strides Seaford has made in economic development, with the third building of the Residences at Riverplace being constructed and future plans for a fourth building and the power plant as well as the Western Sussex Business Complex, with a 70,000 square foot building to be constructed.

“There’s a lot of things going in a positive direction,” said Genshaw, who added that he can’t mention everything being discussed.

He did mention the police department plan for the next 10 years and infrastructure on Route 13 as future projects the city will address.

“There’s just a lot of exciting things that we’ve been working for, for a long time,” he added. “I’m encouraged and I’m looking forward to continuing what we’ve been doing as a group.”

MacCoy, who won, 400-199, for a three-year term on the city council, is also pleased with what Seaford has been able to accomplish in recent years.

“I feel at peace with this election. I feel like we’re doing good things for the city and the city is progressing in the right direction,” said MacCoy. “I really think it is a vote for progress in this city. It’s a vote for the council going in the right direction.”

MacCoy, who pointed to the arrival of Amazon, the Western Sussex Business Park, the Oyster House project, and the Riverwalk, said he is looking to keep the momentum going.

“There’s so many balls in the air. I knew things are coming. It really would have been a shame had we not been able to do our work,” he said.“There’s a number of pretty  awesome things coming to the city of Seaford and I think our residents will be very pleased.”

MacCoy also said the city’s accomplishments are a result of a team effort. “I think I’m a small part of the process and there’s so many people that work hard to get things done,” said MacCoy. “There was some negativity out there (prior to the election), everybody saw it. I believe our city is going to vote for a positive direction and they’re not going to buy into negativity.”