By Al Higgins

Life for Marcus (Marc) Henderson, Fruitland’s new city manager, changed in an instant. A 17-year veteran of the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Department with 13 years as a sergeant, Marc’s cruiser was struck from behind. He sustained massive injuries to his spine. Following subsequent surgeries and a prolonged rehabilitation he determined he was no longer able to perform many of the arduous duties of a sheriff’s deputy and he was forced to resign.  

Marc is well known in the area. He grew up in Princess Anne and Wicomico County. Following his graduation from Parkside High School, he graduated from Salisbury University with a bachelor of arts in communications and a minor in psychology. Not long after his retirement from the Sheriff’s department he was offered a job as Fruitland’s building inspector and code enforcement supervisor. He remained in that job for four years before being selected by the Fruitland City Council, out of a field of 34 applicants, to assume the position of city manager. Additionally, he retained his responsibilities of the city’s building inspector. 

“I am dedicated to smart growth in our community,” said Marc. “The City has an active Chamber of Commerce and an established and knowledgeable Planning Commission, both devoted to establishing and implementing strategies that will help facilitate an environment that will meet both the current and future needs of the community. As evidence of Fruitland’s continuous appeal to families, 44 new single family homes have been built and sold already this year, with 11 additional building permits recently issued for new single family homes to be built this year.”

The City plans to continue its ambitious repaving plan to address the decline of several roads in the city. Also of great importance is the upgrading of the city’s Water Treatment Plant (WTP). 

Marc explained, “The City is committed to providing the highest quality water possible. The WTP upgrade, a $2.5 million half-grant funded project, which will add a production well located in the Manokin aquifer, is now over 50% completed. The city’s solar panel installation project at the city’s WTP property is now underway. This project is fully funded through a $44,000 Maryland Department of the Environment grant with a goal of a 100 percent offset of the electric demand for the plant.”

Marc is a hometown boy who is focused on preserving the Eastern Shore lifestyle and the natural beauty of the area. An ardent hunter and fisherman, he greatly appreciates the uniqueness of the Shore. 

Marc says he takes his position as city manager both seriously and personally. 

“I want to do all I can to keep these qualities alive in our communities: moral manners, community pride, patronizing local businesses, and welcoming others with that personal realness that’s complimented with a smile.” 

Marc Henderson certainly has what it takes to excel in his new position and Fruitland will be well served by his dedication.