By Carol Kinsley

Four generations of the Schultes family have guided A.C. Schultes through 100 years of well drilling plus a full range of water and wastewater services to municipal, private, commercial and industrial accounts. “The fifth generation is not too far away,” said Pete Schultes, one of seven cousins who own the multi-state family corporation.

It was Schultes’ great-grandfather, A. C. Schultes Sr., who saw signs of a new era of industrial and municipal growth back in 1921 and recognized there would be an ongoing need for an abundance of good, clean water to support such growth. One wonders if he would have anticipated that his descendants would still be meeting that need 100 years later.

The company was founded in New Jersey, then expanded into Delaware. With the purchase of Delmarva Drilling in the early 1970s, A.C. Schultes expanded into Maryland, and the company became known by the names “A.C. Schultes of Maryland,” …of Delaware, and … of New Jersey. The company also expanded into North Carolina and two locations in Florida.

Pete Schultes said family members usually start working with the family business during the summer after eighth grade, and continue through high school and college, if they choose that route. “Even if they don’t come into the company, they won’t get better working experience than with our well-drilling company,” he said.

A.C. Schultes of Delaware drills wells for agriculture and irrigation in addition to municipal and industrial wells and community wells installed for developers.

“We work hand in hand with pivot irrigation companies to let them know how much water they’re going to get so they will know how many pivots and how many wells they need,” Schultes continued.

A.C. Schultes also has a full service pump and motor repair facility which includes installation, repair and 24-hour emergency service. The company’s construction services range from rehabilitating lift stations and treatment plants to designing and constructing well, storage and treatment projects.

A.C. Schultes assists environmental engineering firms and commercial clients when an experienced drilling firm is required. From large, high profile projects where you may need multiple crews and equipment, to small site assessments, A.C. Schultes can handle any project you may have.

The company motto is “influent to effluent” and services offered truly exemplify this phrase. If it has to do with pumping or treating water or wastewater, A.C. Schultes can construct or repair it. Visit the website at for a full list of services.

“Well drilling is hard work. We put in long hours, but it’s a rewarding job,” Schultes said. “Supplying water and getting water for whoever the customer is at that time makes you feel like you’ve done something great.”

He added, “We keep up with changes that allow us to be more efficient, but the majority of well drilling we do uses the same style of drill rigs that have been around for 70 years.”

If you need well work done, make your first call to A.C. Schultes at 302-337-8254.