The Delaware Solid Waste Authority’s (DSWA) Environmental Education Program strives to educate the Delaware community on best waste management practices and encourages all residents to participate in recycling. The highlight of the program is the Environmental Education Building at the Delaware Recycling Center in New Castle. This hands-on learning experience enhances studies about waste in schools and promotes environmental stewardship. Students are given the opportunity to see the facility grounds by driven tour. Through a mix of classroom lessons and interactive games and activities, visitors receive a well-rounded field trip. 

The success of the Environmental Education Building has led DSWA to expand its program and is in the process of opening a new Environmental Education Center in Dover. This new center will provide the same interactive and classroom learning experience as the original while being more accessible to schools in Kent and Sussex counties. 

DSWA’s Environmental Education program is geared towards school-aged students. Public, private and charter school groups, scout groups and homeschool associations are encouraged to take part in the hands-on activities and lessons about recycling that DSWA provides. The program suits any grade level, but elementary school students seem to have the most enthusiasm for recycling. Because of this, the program draws heavily from kindergarten through third grade. Middle and high schools interested in the program are encouraged to parallel the program with a trip to a landfill, which DSWA also operates.

The Delaware Solid Waste Authority is excited to be able to share its Environmental Education Programs. One of the biggest goals of the program is to foster a sense of environmental stewardship among students. DSWA educators are ready to assist teachers in achieving curriculum goals. Requests for topic-specific programs are welcome. 

In addition, DSWA’s Education & Outreach team is available for community presentations and outreach events. 

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