By Mike McClure

The Delmar Commission (Md.) was updated by Police Chief Ivan Barkley during last Monday’s monthly teleconference meeting. The Commission also approved three recommendations by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Barkley reported that there were no issues on Halloween or on Election Day. He added that the town is in need of a crossing guard for two hours a day, one hour in the morning and one at night.

The police department is in the process of going through police reform in Maryland and Delaware. He said there are subtle differences between the mandates in the two states.

“There’s always been a difference between the two states,” Barkley said.

Deputy Mayor Unsell reported that the Utility Commission, which met virtually last Monday, voted to not grant relief to a resident who had a problem on his side of the meter. A letter was sent to the resident informing him of the Commission’s decision.

Unsell also said that the water treatment plant has a contract in place to replace its roof. Also, the plant has been operating up to expectations.

The Commission voted, 4-0, to accept the Planning and Zoning Commission’s favorable recommendations for a pair of homes in Heron Ponds.

The Commission joined Planning and Zoning in providing an informal approval to a plan to move all of the Pond’s Edge mail kiosks to a central location. The Planning and Zoning Commission will vote on the formal proposal at its next meeting before the proposal is brought back to the Delmar Commission for a vote.

Planning and Zoning requested that there be a one way entrance and exit with signage indicating the entrance and exit. Unsell said the proposal was done to save the mail person time and effort, adding that he may recommend that the same thing is done at Wood Creek.

The Commission also voted, 4-0, to accept the Planning and Zoning Commission’s favorable recommendation for homes in the second phase of Pond’s Edge. Construction on the homes is expected to start in March and was delayed due to COVID-19.

Student representative Christine Park reported that students at the Delmar Middle Senior High School will begin going back to in-school learning starting Nov. 19, two days a week. Some students will go to school Thursday and Friday and others will attend school Monday and Tuesday.

“We just want to make sure we follow our rules and hopefully everybody will get through it,” Mayor Karen Wells said of the return to school.

At the beginning of the meeting Wells reported that the town will not hold a holiday dinner this year. Instead, each department will hold its own lunch or dinner.

“At this point we don’t feel like we should get together when the rest of the world isn’t,” Wells said.

Town Manager Sara Bynum-King said the town’s auditor will provide the annual audit report at the Dec. 14 meeting. She also said that town hall will need to have its roof replaced after significant leaks were discovered during the latest rain event.

Town hall will be closed Nov. 26-27 for Thanksgiving. Bynum-King also said that the town’s soft opening on Tuesdays and Fridays have worked well.