By Lynn Schofer

The following are questions and answers from the Seaford Council candidates: Matt MacCoy and Stacie Spicer.

1.  Please share why you want to sit on Seaford Council. Share what qualities, skills, and experiences you bring to the position.

MacCoy- Serving on City Council for the past three years has been an honor and has uniquely prepared me with the skillset to run again. I have served in various leadership positions throughout the city, from serving as board president for our Western Sussex Boys and Girls Club and currently serving as a board member for the ColeStrong Foundation. I want to run for a second term on council because we have made a lot of progress over the past three years, but I feel like we still have a lot of work left to do.


Spicer- I’m running for council because there’s a disconnect between council and townspeople. Many people feel they can’t get their concerns addressed because there is no avenue to talk with council. I’m committed to focusing on local issues and ensuring that our city government respects the rule of law and is accountable to the citizens of Seaford.

I have a unique ability to connect with a diverse population and effectively communicate. My time as a law enforcement officer and as a member of the Planning and Zoning Committee has taught me that listening to residents is critical to learning what issues are important to the community. As the best qualified candidate, I have the willingness to learn and consider issues from different perspectives.

2.  What do you feel are the strengths of Seaford and what do you think needs improvements?

Spicer- Our biggest strength is that Seaford sits on the Nanticoke River. We should showcase this by continuing to revitalize downtown. We need to continue to attract more businesses as well as create a safe, secure environment that invites pedestrian traffic to all parts of our city. We need safe, walkable spaces so that we create a town where people want to visit, shop and dine. The addition of several new police officers now presents the city with the opportunity to have a more visible and proactive police force. Community policing is an essential piece in moving forward.


MacCoy- As a growing city, we are not immune to issues. We have our fair share of crime in our city. We also have the most responsive and vigilant police department that anyone could possibly ask for. We have occasional electrical outages. We also have an amazing electric department that will work around the clock to make sure our residents get their power back on in a timely manner. Our wastewater treatment facility will need some attention in the not-so-distant future, but our top-notch public works department will be there to handle these challenges seamlessly. Our Seaford Volunteer Fire Department risks their lives running into burning buildings to assist our residents. Our city leadership has a vision and a path forward to bring additional economic development to the city of Seaford. 

I believe the strengths of Seaford have been, and forever will be our residents who live here, those who work here, and the community that we call home. I know many residents that have been in Seaford their whole lives. The city of Seaford is made up of good, hard-working people who display grit, perseverance, and tenacity. I know what this city was like when Seaford was at its finest. It is time the glory is restored to this city and I know that we have the right people here to accomplish that goal.

 3.  Do you think downtown Seaford is moving in the right direction for success? If so, why? If not, why?

MacCoy- I believe the entire city, not just downtown, is moving in the right direction. There have been nights recently where you can feel the energy in Seaford! Whether it’s been attending a local event or catching a Seaford Blue Jays football or basketball game, the energy has been electric! There has been a buzz in the city again that hasn’t been around for a while.

Specifically looking at downtown, we have had four meetings this year alone about potential development downtown. The Oyster House project and the Riverwalk are a big deal for the city of Seaford. I envision an area where you can spend some time and enjoy the water, take a walk, go shopping, and then enjoy fine dining and entertainment. The downtown area has made great improvements in the last few years and I believe more improvements are on the horizon.

Spicer- The opening of businesses downtown is a positive move in the right direction. We must capitalize on this and continue economic development while remaining responsive to citizen suggestions and issues. Removing barriers and expediting processes to get businesses into vacant spots is critical, especially for the small business owner. If we want to make Seaford’s downtown a destination, we need a concerted push to attract more businesses to the area. 

 4.  What work have you done to improve the city of Seaford?

Spicer- For several years, I have been a member of the Planning and Zoning Committee. Currently, I serve as the chairperson for the Planning and Zoning Committee. In April of 2021, I participated in Seaford’s municipal election as a member of Seaford’s Board of Elections. Additionally, I am a lifelong resident of Seaford and am raising my family here. 

MacCoy- Over the past three years, I have had the privilege of serving on the City Council and as a team, we have worked to make many improvements to the city of Seaford. The Oyster House project is just one of many initiatives that have improved the city of Seaford immensely. Amazon coming in is a huge deal for our city. Working in conjunction with Sussex County leadership, bringing in the Western Sussex Business Campus is a significant economic driver for the city of Seaford. Having the foresight to extend water and sewer throughout Route 13 was a decision that has opened up a ton of possibilities. These decisions and our relationships with future business partners are going to bring hundreds of jobs to the city of Seaford.

Additionally, I have served as the Board President for the Western Sussex Boys and Girls Club for a number of years. I have had the opportunity to coach Seaford High School football, Nanticoke Little League, and Parks and Recreation soccer teams. It has been an honor to serve as a mentor and to be a part of the lives of many young people in our area. 

 5.  What do you hope to accomplish as a City Council member?

MacCoy- I hope that our residents allow us to continue the work that we are already doing. The positive momentum in and around Seaford is resonating through our community and throughout the state of Delaware. I want to continue to provide support for each of our city departments and for our local leadership. I want to continue to strive towards reducing crime in our city. I want to remain focused on economic development and bringing new businesses and jobs to the city of Seaford. In the next three years, I plan on bringing a brewery to the city of Seaford. I plan to bring additional family entertainment to the city. I plan on bringing additional shopping and dining options. What was once thought to be a pipedream is now on the verge of reality.

Spicer- As a council member, I want to ensure that citizens have the right to voice concerns about matters that will impact them. As council, it is our duty to listen to people’s concerns and then take those concerns into consideration when making a decision. Council should reinstate the public comment section during meetings.

6.  In matters where council is faced with decisions that will impact the residents, how would you handle the citizen concerns and questions?

Spicer- Citizens have the right to voice concerns, they also have the right to ask questions and receive answers. Council needs to do what is right for the city as a whole. As council, we answer to the townspeople. 

MacCoy- When I ran for City Council three years ago, I promised three things: focus on economic development, honesty, and transparency. I provide residents with weekly updates on the conversations that I have with businesses and developers. I have had many residents stop and tell me “I’ve never seen someone tell us exactly what’s going on the way that you do.” I work for the residents. Any citizen concerns and questions I address head-on. The concerns of our residents are my concerns as well, and we work diligently to resolve these concerns. The residents of Seaford put their trust in me to make the proper decisions for our city, they view me as a community leader in many different regards, and I take that responsibility very seriously.