By Carol Kinsley

A patient’s environment is as critical to recovery as the care administered, according to Axis Healthcare LLC. The group’s mission is to create a warm, homey setting in which residents can recover and thrive.

With facilities in several states, Axis Healthcare specializes in medically complex care through multiple rehabilitation disciplines such as physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. The principals have 30 years experience in health care.

A year ago, Axis Healthcare LLC acquired the Manokin Rehabilitation Center in Princess Anne and changed its name to Manokin Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare. 

At that time, Axis President Abe Kraus said, “We are so gratified to see such a positive welcome from the community and local healthcare providers at the news of this new venture. We look forward to bringing a new era of healthcare to the entire Maryland community. Great changes are coming to Manokin Center!”

Axis Healthcare put into place a facility-wide program to adopt best practices in every facet of its nursing operation. Manokin Center has since earned a four-star rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Led by Administrator Patricia Leone-Tincher, the staff takes pride in their ability to provide world-class care, with compassion and respect. Add in their signature warmth, a strong commitment to family and community, and you have something remarkable.

The Manokin Center has 135 beds. Services include long-term and skilled nursing care, inpatient rehabilitation therapies and other specialized medical 

services to promote residents’ independence and quality of life, such as:

• Wound care

• Post-operative care

• Cardiac rehabilitation

• Stroke/neurological recovery

• Orthopedic recovery

• Stroke recovery care

• Dialysis

• Diabetes management

• Dementia management

• Neuromuscular disease management

• Pain management

• Management of infusion and IV therapies

• Tube feeding

• Palliative care & Comfort care

• Hospice/end-of-life care

Palliative care focuses on providing patients relief from pain and other serious illness symptoms, no matter the diagnosis or stage of the disease. The goal is to improve the quality of life for the patients as well as for their families.

Hospice care also provides the patient’s loved ones with the support they need to deal with the difficulties and the emotional impact of caring for a terminally ill patient. The primary goal of hospice care is to provide patients with the ability to pass on without pain and with dignity.

When a caregiver needs temporary relief from his or her duties, respite care offers peace of mind that your loved one will be in a safe environment with the support of professional staff while you focus on your own well-being or take care of other urgent matters.

Manokin Center is located at 11974 Edgehill Terrace Road in Princess Anne. 

There are six other Axis Healthcare facilities in Maryland:

• Oak Manor: 3415 Greencastle Rd, Burtonsville

• Birch Manor:  7309 2nd Ave, Sykesville

• Long View: 3332 Main St – Manchester

• Calvert Manor: 1881 Telegraph Road, Rising Sun

• Caroline Center: 520 Kerr Avenue, Denton

• Mountain City: 48 Tarn Terrace,   Frostburg

For more information, telephone (410) 651-0011; email in**@ma****************.com or visit online at