By Carol Kinsley

“In God we trust; all others are investigated and secured by ABI Security Group.” So goes the catchy mantra of an investigation and security company serving Delaware and Maryland. Based in Rehoboth Beach, ABI Security Group Inc. is dedicated to uncovering the truth by drawing on extensive practical experience, ongoing training, and out-of-the-box thinking to resolve cases quickly and accurately.

Gordon Bowers, ABI Security’s owner and lead investigator, shared this example of the thoroughness of the company’s work:

“My client’s insurance company sent investigators to perform surveillance on an employee who claimed injuries from work. The investigators spent three days and apparently found nothing.

“My client has used my services before and wanted to give us a shot because he was facing higher workman’s comp fees and more claims from friends of the target who collaborated with the target. ABI was able to get usable, effective and valuable footage on day one of surveillance and more footage days following. Our evidence is going to be able to offer huge savings on this claim.”

Bowers added, “Experience matters. Our reputation matters and we don’t just work for a paycheck.”

Another client, a lawyer, wrote, “ABI seems to take it as a challenge to get the information I need to prove our cases. I can’t speak highly enough at the effort that ABI puts forth in doing a great job for us. I can easily state that ABI has saved my clients well over millions of dollars in claims. I strongly recommend ABI Security Group!”

For all your investigative needs or a free 30-minute consultation, contact ABI Security Group at (281) 906-1438. ABI is licensed, insured and bonded.

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