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  • The Best New Event award winner at the Southern Delaware Tourism Awards was the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Moving Wall. Pictured from left: Mike Porch, Delaware River and Bay Authority (Ferry); Brad Foos, Schell Bros; Cindy Butler, American Legion Auxiliary Unit 17; Ralph Patterson, Cape Henlopen Elks Lodge 2540; Ted Becker, mayor, City of Lewes; Murt Foos, president, American Legion Auxiliary Unit 17; Betsy Reamer, executive director, Lewes Chamber of Commerce; Kelly Bergen, American Legion Auxiliary Unit 17; Phyllis Patterson, Cape Henlopen Elks Lodge 2540; Ed Bergen, commander, American Legion Post 17; Dan Matta, Schell Bros.

It is time to get real about family money

January 21st, 2020|Categories: BUSINESS|

Lincoln Financial Advisors Group Instead of debating about politics or sports whenever they get together, what if families spent some time having candid discussions about their finances and plans for the future? We know money is a hard topic for many families to broach. For the older generation, it can bring up the issue of aging and might signal the loss of independence. Younger family members may also have difficulty accepting that their parents may need their help and worry that they’re not up to the task. Whatever the reason, know this: without a plan for finances, a family could run the risk of giving up control of [...]

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Five ways to show, tell your marketing

Seeing is believing. Visuals are more important in today’s business world than ever. Highly effective visual imagery promotes businesses, making them more relevant in our viral marketplace. Websites, cellphones, social media apps and online advertisements all need memorable images to convey a message to your intended audience. 

It’s about first impressions. The photos you choose should reflect the quality of your brand. Quality photography will help establish your brand as top-drawer and tell your customers and clients that you care about excellence and engagement.   

Here are five tips to help you tell your story with good visual content.

  1. Know your audience. Knowing your audience and what it likes […]

Small Businesses are succeeding on Delmarva

VANCO Financial Group

Small business in lower Delmarva is thriving. Every small town in Sussex, Kent and Wicomico Counties harbors countless entrepreneurial activities from farming to retailing to customizing to repair and maintenance, or manufacturing a variety of products.  Internet companies are growing in spare bedrooms.

Historians would argue that the reason why goes back centuries to our staunch individualism as well as what a few call our peculiarities. Either way, I agree.

Defining “small” business is a matter of opinion.  My own informal survey garnered responses from having a few employees to limited revenue (from topping at $2 million to $35 […]

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