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  • Shown (l to r) are the 2019 Western Sussex Chamber of Commerce Tourism Photo Contest winners: top- Fred Sponseller and Tom Darby; bottom- Kacie Wingate, Paula Shannon, and Tara Ritchie. Also pictured is the Chamber’s Executive Director Terry Carson.

The Amish Trademen provides personalized service, well crafted pole buildings

February 7th, 2020|Categories: BUSINESS|

The Amish Tradesmen based in Seaford, offers quality-built pole barns and more. It’s a family-owned and operated business, providing the personalized service and quality craftsmanship of Amish families who are pole builders, carpenters and masons. Rob Harman, a successful Realtor and businessman, came to be owner of The Amish Tradesmen by happenstance. A mutual friend referred former owner Jamie Grillo to him when she needed to sell her business and farm. Harman, who is 70, was already busy with his own company, Alliance Real Estate Professionals, and his wife, Lynn, at the time was managing the expansion of the local Chamber of Commerce which shared office space in [...]

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Family Business: Genesis of Business Success

While Small Business is the ‘Backbone of our Economy,’ Family Business is its DNA. Think of the family farm when the family lived over the livestock, then the butcher lived over the butcher shop, the owner over the restaurant, etc.

Many successful enterprises grew from family ventures: Think of Ford Motor Company and Tyson Foods. Yet, why do less than 15 percent make it to the third generation and why are less than 10 percent of owners prepared financially to retire from their business at retirement age?

Family-run businesses have their own unique advantages and challenges.

A family business has the benefit […]

Make the federal government your customer

SBA Delaware Director John Fleming

Fiscal Year 2018 was the first time in history that the federal government awarded more than $120 billion in federal contracts, and the sixth year in a row that the federal government exceeded its target milestones for small business contract awards.

That’s a rallying cry to small businesses across the nation and in our great state: there’s no time like the present to make Uncle Sam – the largest single buyer of goods and services in the world — your next customer.

We know that, across the board, January is traditionally a time of “fresh starts,” new […]

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