By Carol Kinsley

Tasheema Heyliger is part owner of City Wide Facility Solutions Delaware, a facility management solutions company which serves as a single point of contact for maintenance needs of commercial properties. 

The business is part of a larger company with 80 locations throughout the United States and Canada which has been providing facility management solutions for more than 60 years.

Heyliger, the chief financial officer, is the only female partner. Co-owners are Alankato Cobb, CEO, and John Heyliger, COO. Collectively, they have more than 75 years experience in the business world.

Heyliger grew up in the South Bronx, living in subsidized housing. “Those were challenging times in the ‘70s and ‘80s,” she said. “I’m grateful for the 25 years I have lived in Delaware. I love Delaware. I call it home, but I don’t forget my roots.

“I create goals for myself. I became a nurse (earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Wilmington University and a master’s degree from Wesley College), and now I am a Latina female business owner. I can show my children what can be done with hard work and dedication.”

She wants to serve as an inspiration to other women, regardless of race. She has been able to take her experiences from health care, her innovative management and people skills and put them to use caring for people in her business.

“I’ve always been passionate caring about people. This is another way of keeping people, the economy and the community healthy,” she said.

City Wide Facility Solutions is committed to making a positive impact on the people it serves. “We have a ripple effect,” Heyliger said. 

On the one hand, they work with the owner or manager of a facility. “We ask, ‘What do you need?’” Heyliger continued. “It may be janitorial services, painting inside or out, a new roof, landscaping or snow removal. Maybe it’s supplies. We can leverage purchases at a lower cost.”

A City Wide’s Facility Solutions Manager will manage maintenance issues, freeing owners and staff to concentrate on their business rather than spend hours searching for someone to perform a needed service.

On the other hand, she said, “We partner with independent contractors throughout the state to provide solutions for our clients. We go see what the scope of work entails, then match the job with the right contractor. This saves the contractors time and money and helps them grow their business. 

“Our vendors are highly skilled in the services they offer, so you are getting a specialist, not a jack-of-all-trades. 

“We do quality control, making sure everything is being done correctly. If there’s a problem, we find it first, and we see that it is corrected. 

“We also keep track of satisfaction. If vendors score poorly, we may not work with them again. We represent the client; we partner with the vendors.” 

Vendors don’t have to worry about collecting payment, since City Wide handles that, too. 

For a list of services provided and industries served, visit online at or call 302-526- 2833. Located at 755 Walker Road, Suite A in Dover, City Wide Facility Solutions serves the entire state of Delaware.