By Carol Kinsley

The key to growing a beautiful lawn is to use the right products at the right time, asserts Ricky Williams, owner of R&L Irrigation Services Inc. Williams has made it easier to find those products at a new retail store at the intersection of Route 13 and Cannon Road in Seaford. He held an Open House there on Saturday, April 15 with a cruise in for antique/ classic cars. Williams grew up on a farm, so growing things has always come naturally to him. Getting grass and weeds out of crops taught him what to do to get the right grass to grow in a lawn. It comes down to nutrient management, knowing the soil, and providing good quality materials to get a good-looking lawn. 

For 20 years Williams has done “residential farming” through R&L Irrigation, becoming a leader in professional irrigation services and lawn maintenance for Sussex County and beyond. 

“We worked out of the farm,” Williams said. “People wanted to buy our products, but we didn’t sell to the public. We were a service industry. We did the work ourselves.” 

Some customers tried unsuccessfully for years to do their own planting, then were amazed when R&L Irrigation would achieve a beautiful lawn the first year — because they had access to the right products and knew how to use them. When a building became available near the farm, Williams took the opportunity to open a store from which he can sell all the time-tested, industry-specific products he uses. “Now the public can come in and we can educate them about what type of seed and fertilizer to use, when and how to use it. For every penny they spend, they will get 100% revenue. No more putting it down and having it not grow. 

“If they want to maintain their own irrigation system, we carry everything for the do-it-yourselfer. No more running around trying to find the right part. We carry professional grade products at half the price of box stores —all the parts for all irrigation systems, no matter the brand. To find those products may be expensive but they’re worth their weight in gold. 

“We’re the how-to place. We’re here to help if you need direction,” Williams said. “Our products are second to none. Irrigation systems should last a lifetime, at least 15 to 20 years.” 

Williams knows irrigation. His crews install about 150 systems a year and maintain some 1,000 annually. 

“We probably apply 10 acres of fertilizer per day and maintain 500 acres of lawns per year plus 250 acres of sporadic treatment,” he added. Some landscape companies apply fertilizer that will make your yard green but doesn’t do anything for the roots. Customers want immediate results, but in the real world, you have to build up the soil and the root system. Williams says, “Give me a year. See what I can do for you. Growing grass on the Shore is the most difficult area on the entire East Coast.” 

He continued, “If you figure your time to do everything yourself, you’ll save money to have us do it. But some people enjoy doing the work. We help the DIY-er learn how to do it the right way. We even have printed materials you can take home. 

“We are here to help the average person, to give them a fighting chance to do it right the first time.” 

R & L Irrigation Services Inc. is located at 20578 Sussex Highway in Seaford. Call 302- 628-3755 or visit online at