19th annual Friends of Prime Hook Wildlife Refuge Nature Photography Contest.

Denny’s winning entry of a spectacular snowy egret in flight was captured near her home in Rehoboth Beach, but she almost didn’t take the photo. Her neighbor had urged her to take pictures of a flock of birds at the nearby pond, but she hesitated.

“I needed more pictures of white birds like a hole in the head,” she joked.

But when she went, she found a group of snowy egrets in a feeding frenzy, gorging themselves on tiny fish. Instead of wading for dinner, the egrets were swooping over the water and reaching down to pluck fish from the water like a skimmer. “It was so amazing.”

The result was her winning photo – “Breakfast to Go.” Judges said it was well composed and well lit. They praised the color, the background and the sense of movement.

“I just love being outdoors and around nature,” said the retired journalist.

The annual contest attracted some 38 photographers who submitted 207 photographs in six different categories. Photos will be on display at the Prime Hook Wildlife Refuge Auditorium through Saturday, Dec. 9.

Photographers competed in Native Birds, Native Wildlife, Beauty of Prime Hook, Delmarva Scenery, Native Plants and Flowers and a Junior Student category for photographers aged 12-and-under. There were no senior student entries aged 13 to 17 this year.

Although most submissions were local, photographers from as far away as Alabama and Georgia were entered. The contest is limited to photos taken on Delmarva.

Admission to the exhibit is free and the public is urged to come see the work. People who view the show can also vote for the “People’s Choice” winner. Visitors pick a favorite, vote and the votes are tabulated after Dec. 9, when the exhibit ends. The winner is then announced.

Sharon Denny’s Breakfast to Go won Best in Show.

Best in Show – Sharon Denny – Breakfast to Go

People’s Choice – To be determined 

Native Birds – 1. Robert Brown – Rainy Day Bluebird, 2. Bill Parris – Preening, 3. Geoffrey Blakely – Herons

Honorable Mentions – Joan Harper – Cerulean Swoop, Bill Parris – Motherly Love, Geoffrey Blakely – Pileated Woodpecker

Native Wildlife – 1. Geoffrey Blakely – Just Hatched, 2. Lynn Kohler – Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, 3. Matthew Trucks – Curious Otters

Honorable Mentions – Tyler Smiley – Appearance of a Fox, Sharon Denny – Lightness of BEEing

Native Plants and Flowers – 1. Beth Baker – Lady Slipper Spring, 2. Marion Dowling – Purple Passion, 3. Matthew Trucks – Tiger Lily

Honorable Mentions – Linda Benzon – Ladies in Pink, Marion Dowling – Natural Smile

Junior Student – 1. Avery Messick – Gardening, 2. Wyatt Humphreys – Watchful Eye, 3. Avery Messick – Fantasy World

Honorable Mentions – Wyatt Humphreys – Mr. Mockingbird, Wyatt Humphreys – Waiting for a Meal

Delmarva Scenery – 1. Larkin Magel – Herring Point Summer Sunrise, 2. Buddy Scott – Angola Canoes, 3. Matthew Trucks – Flowing Creek

Honorable Mentions – Linda Benzon – Break of Day

Beauty of Prime Hook – 1. Matthew Trucks – Heavy Contrast, 2. Linda Benzon – Keeping an Eye on Things, 3. Karen Satz – Top of the World

Honorable Mentions – Bill Robinson – Autumn Walk, Larkin Magel – Dusk at Fleetwood Pond

For more information, call the refuge at 302-684-8419 or visit www.friendsofprimehook.com.