Millions of women turn to cosmetics to help them put their best faces forward. The online people skills resource the Science of People indicates an estimated 44 percent of American women do not like to leave their homes without makeup.

Research published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science says that the primary reasons women use makeup are to camouflage and seduce. Women who are anxious and insecure may use makeup to appear less noticeable, while women who want to garner extra attention may use makeup to be more sociable and assertive.

Some women may wear makeup to feel more confident and improve their appearance, both in their own eyes and in the eyes of others. Learning how to apply makeup so that it enhances beauty rather than covering up features can take practice. However, these tips can help get women on the right path.

• Consider lightening up. “No makeup” makeup is a growing trend. Barely there products can tweak features just enough to avoid looking washed out and brighten up skin where needed. Look for lighter formulations.

• Smooth out texture. A plumping serum can help make mature skin more smooth to prepare the face for makeup application. In addition to a moisturizer, this can fill in fine lines and help the face appear more youthful and dewy.

• Use a light hand. Rather than drowning the face in product, use certain items like concealer sparingly. You can always layer as you go.

• Opt for cream-based makeup. Cream-based foundations, blushes and highlighters can definitely make a difference in how the makeup wears on the face. People who tend to have dry skin or aging skin may find that creamy formulas help hydrate the skin and make it more radiant, offers makeup artist Neil Scibelli.

• Modify day to day. Makeup artist Kristofer Buckle suggests skipping a daily makeup ritual and using products depending on what is needed each day. Some days dark circles may need to be addressed, while other days redness may be the biggest issue.

• Choose two makeup shades. Leave the store with two close foundation hues that can be blended accordingly depending on skin color at particular times of year. Skin color varies from season to season. Match foundation to the jawline down to the neck.

Makeup trends and tips evolve depending on the look women desire. Right now a natural face is all the rage, with dewy radiant skin at the helm.