Sending a huge shout of thanks to all the volunteers and donors who supported the Good Samaritan Aid Organization (aka Good Sam) during the Christmas season of 2021. The annual Christmas Food and Gift Basket outreach was a huge success again this year thanks to all of you—volunteers from Good Sam, local churches, schools, youth sports teams and local civic/service organizations. 

It would be impossible to name everyone who helped out with the annual Christmas program, because the risk of omitting someone is too great. Special thanks to the members and trustees of Centenary Church for allowing Fellowship Hall to be used as a staging area for the gifts and food baskets. Thank you to the Good Sam thrift store volunteers led by Midge McMasters and the Laurel Women’s Civic Club as they handled the distribution of food gift cards and the clothing needs of 175+ families who were beneficiaries of the outreach. A huge special thanks to Good Sam volunteers, Angela Yingling and Don White, who coordinate the activities of the many volunteers of all ages in preparing the food boxes and gifts for delivery to the individual families. 

The outreach effort for 2021 was dedicated to Bob Venables, a founding leader of the Good Samaritan Organization. His leadership in the early years of Good Sam was instrumental in the continued success of the organization. Angela Yingling, leading the toy drive effort, and Bob Jones, technology guru, were very important to the success of the outreach. Their support and talent enabled a seamless delivery of toys and food to over 140 families on Christmas Eve morning and deliveries of food baskets to over 40 individuals (mostly senior citizens) the week before. The Dukes Lumber family and clients from Delmarva Teen Challenge were key to the delivery effort again this year. They are very faithful volunteers donating both time and resources to the outreach effort annually. 

Good Sam is very fortunate to be the recipient of monetary and toy donations from several local churches, schools, American Legion Post #19 and American Legion Auxiliary, community businesses and local civic/service organizations. The Draper Foundation, sponsor of the Bless Our Children annual outreach, is also very generous to the cause. Again, it would be impossible to name everyone who donated money to the organization for fear of leaving someone out. Each and every gift of time, talent and toy/monetary donation is critical to the success of the Christmas outreach! Your gifts of time, food, toys and money had a direct impact on Good Sam’s outreach to 175+ families (over 700 individuals) including 300+ children through the 2021 Christmas program. 

I consider myself to be very fortunate to be in the company of such a great group of caring individuals. Good Sam volunteers and supporters are truly special people! Best wishes to everyone for a safe, happy and prosperous 2022! 

Melinda Tingle, President, 

Good Samaritan Aid Organization, Inc.