By Carol Kinsley

JBS Construction in Greenwood, specializes in building superior homes at a great value. “We’re budget-minded, and we cater to the locals,” said owner Bruce Wardwell.

His father taught him this: Of budget, speed and quality, you can have two of the three, but not all three. “We specialize in budget and quality,” Wardwell said. That said, it is worthy of note that the firm has built 80 houses per year for the last three years with an average build time of six months.

JBS Construction builds a wide range of homes with nice amenities one would expect in more expensive homes — solid wood cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms, granite countertops, upgraded carpet padding and 30-year dimensional shingles, for example. Whether an economical starter home, retirement home or a 5,000-square-foot custom home, each is built to high energy standards to save the customer money for the life of the home.

“We use products with the homeowner in mind. Both for quality and ease of use.” Wardwell said. “We use the best product with budget in mind.” And if there’s something special you want, “if you want it, we can get it,” he added.

What does go into a house built by JBS Construction, other than the standard specs outlined on the company’s website? Wardwell answered, “Many years of experience and a whole lot of trying to do everything the right way. We don’t do anything to your house that we would not do to our own. Rest assured we will give you our best!”

As the housing market slows down, JBS Construction is branching into screen porches, decks, additions and remodels, often going back to previous customers who want to invest more in their home.

JBS Construction has been building homes in Sussex County and the surrounding area for more than 25 years. “Our excellent reputation and long list of satisfied clients attest to our superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, clear communication, honesty and integrity,” Wardell said. Those qualities are what launched JBS Construction back in 1997.

“Born and raised” in Greenwood, Wardwell had been running 15 fast-food chain restaurants for many years when he got fed up and quit, deciding to get into construction. “No one knew how to deal with people, and that’s the No. 1 thing that construction seemed to be lacking,” he reasoned. 

He had learned about construction from his father, helping build the family home as a youngster. He built his own first home when the contractor did not show up. “I had go pick him up on my days off,” he said. “I realized then there was a problem with the construction industry.”

Launching his own business with his wife, Sharon, by his side, Wardwell said, “We made sure we surrounded ourselves with good people and went from there.”

He brought in Shawn McIlroy to run the construction crews. McIlroy has been with him for most of his journey in this industry.

“We are all a big family. People tend to like that,” he said. Sharon handles the paperwork and now takes care of the grandchildren so their kids can work in the business. 

Son Bruce, or “LB” for Little Bruce, does grading, site preparation work and grass planting. His girlfriend, Kayla Ward, works in the office.

Daughter Jessica Stanley, whose husband is in the military, answers phones and shows houses. “Once the drywall is hung, Jessica goes out to provide a woman’s perspective,” Wardwell said. “It’s easy for us to get caught up in the technical things. She does the nitpicking. It drives us crazy, but better to hear it from her than the customer. She’s persistent. She doesn’t let us forget anything!”

Among the company’s many employees are two supervisors, in addition to McIlroy, who personally oversees the work onsite. JBS Construction also has more than 100 subcontractors who can be trusted to do the job right. 

Sample house plans and a photo gallery are available on the company website. Wardwell said his team can build from scratch, from a homeowner’s plans they’ve drawn, from plans by a local designer or from plans off the Internet.

“Our goal is to not only help you design and build your dream home, home remodel or addition, but to make the process easy and enjoyable for you. We are a full-service builder with a wide range of experience. We can help you with all phases of new home construction or remodeling: finding/procuring suitable land, architecture and design, building your home and landscaping your yard.”

Many new homebuyers find it difficult to secure construction financing, yet they can get the final mortgage. JBS Construction can fill that gap if you have an approval for your final mortgage. Ask for details if you find the need for this service.

A lot people think they can build a home themselves for less, arranging for contractors, making all the decisions alone and taking care of the paperwork, Wardwell said, “but we can do it at a profit and still save them money.” Most people don’t understand all that is required to take care of all the details involved. “It’s like having kids,” he said. “Someone has to steer boat in the right direction 24 hours a day.”

JBS Construction has a showroom at 8961 Greenwood Rd. in Greenwood where clients can pick out everything. For photos, inspiration and more information, visit

Wardwell said, “We are almost always available. So when you are ready to build or remodel your home, give us a call and let us show you how affordable that can be. Call 302-349-5705 to set up an appointment.”