By Carol Kinsley

Whether you are looking to buy, sell or rent real estate in Sussex County or the surrounding area or have property you need managed, you owe it to yourself to contact Indian River Land Co., a full service real estate brokerage that has served the area for 54 years.

Christopher Lind is the third generation of his family to manage the company which was started by his grandfather, Carlton Moore, in 1969. Currently owned by his mother, Cathi Lind, Indian River Land has 11 agents with 133 years of combined experience. One agent is bilingual, speaking Spanish and Portuguese.

Pictured l to r) are Christopher Lind, Sherry Mitchell, Deziree Hitchens, Shannon Schnabele, Lisa Hershelman, Cathi Lind, Donand Kellicutt, Stevie Stevenson, and Jennifer Stevenson.

Shannon Schnabele, an associate broker who joined the company in 2011, shared, “My first sale was with Chris when he was an agent. He’s the main reason I’m here. The demeanor of the office, its professionalism and camaraderie, the assistance Chris showed me when I wasn’t even his agent, showed me I wanted to be part of Indian River Land. He helped me through it all and the rest is history.”

Lind said, “We take a hands-on approach with sales. That’s one of the benefits of having a small brokerage. It helps us all know what’s going on in the office. We pool our talents and resources. When we have a new listing, we talk about it together to ensure the best resources are provided to successfully market our clients property. 

“Each agent brings something different to the table,” he continued. “At any time, we can call each other, bounce ideas off one another. We’ve got each other’s backs.”

In addition to sales, Indian River Land has 85 rental properties in its inventory, plus two apartment complexes and a mobile home park. 

Schnabele implemented a “4 step program” to help renters achieve the dream of homeownership. When a tenant first begins the process of looking for a rental property, Schnabele inquires about their future goals. She found that many of the tenants she was working with eventually wanted to fulfill the ultimate dream of homeownership. She arranges for local professionals, such as mortgage lenders, home inspectors and settlement attorneys to meet with tenants and explain the steps of what it will take to eventually become homeowners. Tenants can begin saving for down payments and paying off debts during the duration of their rental. Frequent check-ins and meetings, allow Schnabele to keep up-to-date with tenants working throughout her program. 

“It might take six months or four years, but when you see them get their first home, it’s a feeling you can’t describe,” Lind said.

Lind joined the company after graduating with a degree in business management. He received his real estate license in 2006 and his broker’s license in 2011. Active in the real estate industry, he is past president of the Sussex County Association of Realtors and past chair of the by-laws committee. Lind returned to the association in 2023 and is currently serving a three-year term on the board of directors.

“I was born and raised in Sussex County,” Lind said. “I’m proud to say I’ve spent my entire life here. I know the county from one end to the other. It has changed in my 40 years, but I know the area well.”

Lind stays active in the community, including the Millsboro Little League and the Millsboro Chamber of Commerce. Every fall, Indian River Land holds a food drive where all of the donations are given to the Christian Storehouse, a Millsboro-based organization helping those less fortunate. 

Schnabele and her family moved to Delaware in 2002. A graduate of the University of Maryland, she previously worked in the field of aviation and has vast experience in public relations, marketing and sales. Schnabele holds a “C2eX” (Commitment to Excellence) designation from the National Association of Realtors. The designation, requiring strenuous course work and continuing education, is a way agents can set themselves apart. 

Lind said, “Millsboro has seen rapid growth in the past decade and continues to grow today. The town is working diligently to improve infrastructure to accommodate that growth. Millsboro is now home to many retailers and restaurants helping to make Millsboro a destination, not a pass-through town. With that growth comes medical facilities and more. Millsboro has become an attractive town to reside in whether you are a first-time homebuyer or retiree.”

Millsboro’s convenient location also makes the town appealing to many. There are numerous recreational activities available throughout the town including Cupola Park; the Millsboro Dog Park; boating, fishing and crabbing on the Indian River; golfing at Plantation Lakes and more. 

Lind continued, “Our goal at Indian River Land is to provide our customers, whether buying or selling, with the best services possible to help them buy and/or sell their properties. It is our sincere desire to deal honestly and professionally with all our customers. We believe that a satisfied customer is our best advertisement.”

In addition to Lind and Schnabele, Indian River Land’s realtors are: Kelly DeLeon, Deziree Gardner, Donald Kellicutt, Lisa Hershelman, Cindy Joseph, Sherry Mitchell, Patti Payne, Charles (Stevie) Stevenson and Jennifer Stevenson. 

Lind proclaimed, “I am proud of our brokerage’s history, and we truly love the town we live and work in. From first time customers, to repeat clients and everyone in-between, we look forward to helping you make Millsboro home.”

You can contact anyone at Indian River Land by calling 302-934-8818 or visiting, to see more information about the brokerage, browse area listings and more.