By Ali Nicole

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale of a fateful trip – to the theater, where Lower Shore Performing Arts Company (LSPAC) will take you on a tour of Gilligan’s Island: The Musical. 

This rendition of the classic television show written for stage is from the imagination of its original creator, Sherwood Schwartz. With several performances throughout Delmarva, there’s no excuse not to get out and enjoy this production.

Pictured: Christine Swift as Ginger, Madelyn Shockley as Mary Ann, Kathryn Redden as Mrs. Howell, Nicholas Donchak as Mr. Howell, Dean DeFino as The Professor, and Owen Shockley as Gilligan. Not pictured: John Lenda as The Skipper.

Seven performances, with the potential for more, are planned for April and May across multiple venues. The following performances are planned to date: April 21-23, The Island Theater, Chincoteague; April 28-29, Art League of Ocean City; April 30, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Pocomoke; May 5-6, Gallery 413, Crisfield. 

LSPAC makes traveling throughout the Shore with its performances a way to achieve its mission, which is to promote and develop a community that values the arts, through theatrical productions, community outreach economic development, sound stewardship and providing educational opportunities to strengthen appreciation of the arts.

When LSPAC made the decision to form officially following the group’s performance in 2016 of 1776: The Musical, the group decided to focus on shows that can travel. According to LSPAC Vice President and Gilligan’s Island director, Robert Forester, they focus on shows that are, “portable, and feature smaller casts…now, we’re bringing live theater to your community.”

For this season’s roaming theatrical production, Gilligan’s Island: The Musical will feature all the familiar characters, zany antics and nostalgic humor that audiences will remember with the addition of a fun new character and infectious music. 

“It has all the characters from the show, plus a celestial visitor from outer space who contributes to the wackiness. The songs are great. They’re funny and, at times, touching,” Forester shared.

A long-time director and one of the founding members of LSPAC, Forester has directed everything from musical reviews and murder mysteries to classics. 

“I considered a murder mystery musical and the other option was Gilligan’s Island: The Musical. I watched the show growing up. I listened to the music, read the book and really liked it. I thought people would be interested in nostalgia,” he said. 

“Robert started planning [Gilligan’s Island] a year ago. He started blocking it, creating models of the set, the people, the costumes. That’s a very organized director,” added Kathryn Redden, LSPAC artistic director and actress portraying Mrs. Howell.

No matter where audiences choose to enjoy the show, they’ll be treated to a thoughtfully planned and thoroughly developed artistic production. Redden shared, “I like Robert’s perspective on what is the overall premise of Gilligan’s Island, it being a microcosm of society. It gives a whole different perspective.”

Tickets for the show are on sale now through the LSPAC website at While tickets will be for sale at the door, it’s strongly encouraged to pre-purchase to ensure you have a seat at the venue and time of your choice. 

“I just hope people who remember Gilligan’s Island will love the show as much as the cast has loved putting it together. We’re just laughing all the time and really working as an ensemble. There are no stars in this show and everyone is an important part of it,” Forester said.