By Veronica Correa

Everyone is born with GREATNESS in their heart and finding the key to unleashing that greatness is our life’s purpose. Working toward unfolding our life’s purpose creates inner peace, emotional well- being and leads you to finding BLISS.

There are six important components to creating your BLISS in your life. The first one is Passion and Meaning. Learn to hear the voice inside your heart that is nudging you to live your life’s purpose and do what you would love to do as if you had all the money and time in the world.

The second one is Clarity. Set goals, big ones, and little ones. Start with baby steps so you don’t sabotage yourself in the process. Ask you heart often: “what do I really, really, really want?” as Elizabeth Gilbert suggests in her book, Eat Pray Love. Also define what your guiding values are and allow them to be your guiding light and your north star in everything you do. One of my guiding values is excellence; I like to put the stamp of excellence on what I do.

The third one is creating a Connection with Something Higher/Intuition. Create a daily practice of meditation/reflection/prayer to connect with your spirit and your higher power. Listen and follow the guidance being given to you. That voice is very subtle, and you need to be attentive to hear it. Not following that internal guidance can create disharmony inside us and can eventually lead to pain and suffering.

The fourth component is Self-Love/ Self-Care. Self-love and self-care begin with forgiving yourself deeply and often. See making mistakes as “learning moments” by allowing them to help you grow. Self-love also means not scaring yourself with fearful thoughts. Your mind creates scary thoughts to protect you. Do not allow them to dictate your actions and your emotions. Also, make a commitment to honor your word to yourself, especially when it comes to honoring a regular self- care practice.

The fifth component is Discipline. Stephen Covey shares in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, that “the freedom is in the discipline.” We all yearn for freedom in all aspects of our lives without realizing that the freedom will come from discipline. It seems counterintuitive that discipline will give us freedom, but it is the discipline of managing ourselves within the daily 24 hours we are given that we can enjoy freedom.

And the last one is Fun. There can’t be BLISS if there is not fun involved. Create a wish list and have fun carrying it out. Remember what brought you joy as a child and do some of those things once again. Find hobbies that you enjoy, embrace a new one every year.

You deserve the BEST life possible on this earth. Feel deserving and give yourself permission to find your BLISS.