By Veronica Correa

Upon awakening we can feel the cooler weather and we know with certainty that more is coming because we have experienced it so many times before. Soon, we’ll see the beautiful change of color of the leaves on the trees and the sight will remind us how blessed we are to have eyes to see it and a heart to feel the beauty inside us. This experience is splendid and short because soon after those leaves will fall leaving most trees naked and dormant for the winter. This is the perfect opportunity to ask ourselves what do I need to let go of that no longer serves me? What in my life needs change? 

We hold on to so much throughout the years and to different kinds of things like a dog holds on to a juicy bone. The old makes us feel comfortable because it’s familiar and the unknown is scary and the older we get the more scary letting go of the old becomes. However, internal, and external clutter begins to accumulate. We may notice it and pretend is not there but we feel the discomfort of a cluttered life. 

Perhaps you have been carrying old resentments or anger towards someone, or yourself; maybe you feel burdened with life’s challenges and believe that things will not change; possibly you are bored and tired of having the same life show up for you every day and you want something different, but you are not sure what to do. This can accumulate as internal clutter as well and contribute to creating negative thought patterns.

With the change of season, I want to invite you to see an opportunity for renewal, growth, and expansion. You could choose to let go of what no longer serves you. We, humans, thrive with expansion. When we are not changing, growing, and expanding our heart and our spirit feel stale. On the other hand, we also know that change is scary, and that fear is what holds us back. It’s also important to remember that if we don’t initiate the changes, something or somebody will do it for us. I prefer to be in charge of the changes I need or want to make. 

To embrace the process of change I find very helpful to reflect or meditate on the question: What do I really, really want? And as I ask this question I focus my attention on my heart, not my head or brain. Our hearts know the true path and the reason why we are on this earth, our life’s purpose. The guidance comes to all of us, not just some of us. The challenge, however, is that we need to quiet our busy mind to give room and space for our heart to speak up. Also, we must believe that the guidance will come to us at the right time. People tend to give up easily when they don’t get a loud and clear message, but the voice of the heart is subtle, and we must be tuned in.

The next challenge comes after we have heard the message from our hearts because, most likely, it will require change. Fear is likely to set in because our brain and our ego do not like change and the unfamiliar. However, change is inevitable and necessary for us to grow and thrive. I find it helpful to write on my journal my new story as if it were a reality and that way I can make myself more comfortable with a new reality. 

If you begin the process of change now by the time spring comes around and you notice green leaves starting to grow on trees once again, you may also be enjoying positive changes in your life. Enjoy the journey of letting go, trusting and surrendering to your inner guidance as you create the life you always wanted. 

Happy Fall!