By Mike McClure

The first reading of a proposed amendment to the town of Delmar’s (Md.) zoning code to add a new use by special exception was introduced but was not adopted during Monday’s Delmar Commission meeting.

Darren Wyatt, a resident of Salisbury, was present at the Delmar Commission meeting after coming before the Planning and Zoning Commission last month. He asked the Planning and Zoning Commission if his seal coat business would be allowed in the community business zone.

According to Deputy Mayor Jack Lenox, who serves on Planning and Zoning, Wyatt’s business (Seal Tech) doesn’t fit into any of the existing categories for that zoning.

Wyatt says he has been in business since 1997 and has eight trucks and 13 trailers. He is looking for a home office and is purchasing a 28,000 plus square foot lot on Stage Road. Wyatt said that hotels, gas stations, car lots, and storage units are allowed in the community business zone.

He added that all of his work is done on the job site and would not be done at the office. He is looking to put up a 30X50 pole building shop with an office and will fence everything in. His trucks and trailers would be stored outside.

Under the current zoning, no machines or equipment, other than what is part of the office, can be stored onsite.

Mayor Ben Jorden said the town needed to do some research to see what could be done. Lenox suggested that the cost for water, etc. may be more than what Wyatt is looking to pay.

 “I hope you understand what the potential cost will be,” added Delmar Town Manager Jeff Fleetwood.

Town Attorney Robert A. Benson suggested that storing trucks may not be inconsistent with an automobile sales lot. He added that the town would need to know exactly what he is going to store on the lot.

If approved by the Commission, Wyatt  would need to go before board of zoning appeals and get a special exception. For now, the Commission introduced the ordinance but did not adopt it on first reading, therefore there will not be a public hearing on the matter in September.

The Commission voted to approve the allocation of funds requested by Acting Public Works Director Bob Buck. The funds will be used to put a utility body on an existing truck. The Delmar Council also approved the request at its meeting last week.

Water Superintendent Sophia Overton reported that due to a lead and copper rule revision by the EPA, the town needs to compile a report for homes built prior to 1985. 

Fleetwood said there are about 1,000 dwellings in town built before 1986. The town needs to determine the type of metal piping in these homes.

The town will hold a swearing in ceremony for two police officers on Aug. 17 at 1 p.m. in the police training room. All residents are invited.

Police Chief Ivan Barkley said he expects to get back to providing 24 hour service after two current candidates graduate from the police academy. That would get the department up to 13 officers. Three more prospective officers will enter the academy in January.

See next week’s Laurel Star for more from this meeting.