By Carol Kinsley

Window World of Delmarva, a franchisee of America’s largest replacement window and exterior remodeling company, was founded in 2007 by Mike Hayman. “We serve six counties on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Accomack County in Virginia and the two lower counties in Delaware,” he said. “Our quality and service goes beyond that of anyone else.”

Like its parent company, Window World of Delmarva promises “superior products, professionally installed, at a guaranteed low price.” Hayman added, “Our products carry a strong labor guarantee with monthly payment financing options available, subject to approved credit.”

Hayman said there may be bigger window companies, but their strength and popularity is new construction. “We do mostly replacements,” he said. 

Window World of Delmarva does much more than windows, including entry doors; storm, patio and garage doors; and siding. For the last three years the Delmarva company also has done roofing. 

“We do virtually every external home improvement you can do,” Hayman proclaimed.

He noted that high volume builders sometimes use windows of lesser quality, making tract houses erected 10 to 15 years ago his biggest prospects. “Windows are an easy place for a builder to save money,” he said. “The average person doesn’t know one kind from another.”

If your windows are single pane, Hayman said, they are old-fashioned and out-of-date. No new houses are built with single pane windows. Even if you have storm windows, you should consider replacing your single-pane windows. 

Current thinking is that two panes with dead air or argon gas between them is best. Dead air is less expensive; argon gas protects the Low-E coating on the inside of the glass. Low-E windows help reflect heat, improve thermal performance, lower heating and cooling costs and allow in natural light, yet keeps sun rays of your furniture and curtains. In lesser quality windows, the first thing that happens is the Low-E coating starts to fail. 

Hayman explained there are three kinds of windows: wood, vinyl and fiberglass. “There’s not a lot of difference between vinyl and fiberglass, but wood is something else. Most expensive homes use wood. Not because wood is better, it’s just more classic and more expensive, so it’s used for prestige. The problem is, wood has to be painted.”

Window World of Delmarva uses vinyl, 95 percent of it in white. A wide variety of windows are available, including double-hung, casement and awning, sliding, bay and bow windows, picture windows in custom sizes and shapes, garden windows with adjustable shelves, and acrylic block windows. “Our manufacturer makes every kind of window there is currently installed in houses,” Hayman said. One thing his company does not handle is big commercial windows like a store front.

Using materials sourced in the USA, Window World of Delmarva is increasing curb appeal, improving efficiency, and enhancing quality of life, one home at a time. 

You can experiment with the look of different windows on your own home using the website Upload a photo of your home and with the “Visualizer,” try different windows, siding and doors and get a free quote. 

For more information, call 302-846-2224 or stop in at 36427 Sussex Hwy., in Delmar, Del.