By Carol Kinsley

“Now, more than ever, employers are looking for ideas on how to attract and retain employees. Weiner Benefits Group works with employers to help them retain their talented individuals and take care of them from hired to retired,” said Louis D. Memmolo, AIF, GBA, NQPA, one of two equity partners in the Wilmington, Delaware, firm.

WBG is a full-service employee benefits consulting firm, one of the largest and oldest in the region, dating back to 1938. 

“We are advisors,” Memmolo continued. “We consult, recommend, design and administer employee benefits programs.”

WBG offers an extensive variety of financial products and services such as group medical insurance, Medigap, retirement planning, and long-term care — everything an employer needs to implement a benefits program. The company also sells life insurance, annuities and mutual funds.

Being a small business and serving small businesses, Memmolo noted, WBG is not beholden to any entity, insurance company, product or proprietary process which would limit its options and the flexibility to meet the needs of its small business clients.

The holistic view of financial well being — taking care of employees “from hired to retired” — is a relatively new focus. Memmolo said. “We are working with employers to make sure their current employees are better prepared for retirement.

“Our job, early on, is to look at the whole view of employee benefits — health, dental, vision, risk as a component of life insurance and disability. What if you had no paycheck? And retirement — what if you have not saved enough? Think about what makes you secure, what you wish you had early in your work life… That is what we are doing now for our clients.”

Memmolo’s partner is Michael D. Reckner GBA,VBS, GBDS. “The letters after our names are not what’s important,” he said. “What is important is what those letters qualify you to do.” Like Memmolo, Reckner has decades of experience in the industry. 

Debbie Shears is Director of Medicare Sales. She helps people transition into retirement, Memmolo said. She helps them choose which Medicare plan is most suitable by finding out what best for them, including supplemental, new advantage plans and prescription plans.

“Our firm was founded on customer service — the kind of service where life insurance planning was done sitting across the kitchen table from a family, looking them in the eye, and making sure that, by the time coffee was served, that family was financially protected. That’s entirely different from today’s computerized voice response units and the FAQ page on a website.” Reckner said. “We recognize that the use of technology can enhance a client’s experience, so we blend the two. We don’t force clients into technology. It’s all about making things easier for the client, not easier for us.” Reckner said.

Technology has allowed WBG to expand its reach geographically, as the company learned in the pandemic. Reckner said, “Pre-pandemic we were all in the office. Now we can serve a broad range of clients anywhere, both virtually and on-site. We now maximize technology to support our client base.”

With that expansion, Reckner continued, “After 15 years at our current location, we are relocating to a brand-new space at Little Falls One business complex at 2711 Centerville Road, Suite 205, in Wilmington. It’s all updated. We move Feb. 1.”

Memmolo added, “We are moving because we need more space. We have 16 employees, not including us. We are adding offices and updating our workspace.”

The Delaware State Chamber of Commerce chose Weiner Benefits Group as its 2021 Marvin S. Gilman Superstars in Business award winner.” Memmolo commented at the time, “winning this award is very affirming. It gives us confidence we are doing the right thing — having an impact on our clients and their community and the Chamber. It further supports the foundation that allows us to build on that and grow.

“It’s not just one person that represents Weiner, but a team of people.”

To learn more about the team at Weiner Benefits Group and what they can do for you, call 302-658-0218 or visit