By Mike McClure

If you receive a package from Amazon, you’ll see a list of where the package has gone through the process. Since January packages in Sussex County have had Seaford on their list following the opening of the new Amazon delivery station in Seaford on Jan. 19.

“Seaford is an incredible place to be right now. It’s a growing area,” Steve Kelly, field communications manager/spokesman said when asked why the company chose Seaford for its first facility in Sussex County. “Seaford was very happy to have us and we’re happy to be here.” 

TOUR OF AMAZON- Shown posing for a photo following a tour of the Seaford Amazon facility are elected officials, city and county employees and Amazon employees. Among them are Sen. Bryant Richardson, Rep. Danny Short, County Council President Mike Vincent, Seaford Mayor David Genshaw, Councilman Matt MacCoy, Councilman Orlando Holland, and Councilman Jose Santos. Photo by Mike McClure

The Seaford Amazon station hosted local officials and members of the media for a briefing and tour of the facility. The Seaford location is one of seven facilities in the state and is one of two delivery stations, along with one in Wilmington. The very first Amazon fulfillment center was located in Delaware, in New Castle.

“Delaware holds a very special place in Amazon’s history,” said Kelly.

The Seaford delivery station processes 8,000 packages a day and has 100 employees. That number is expected to eventually increase to as high as 20,000 packages a day and 2,000 employees. The company has 7,000 employees in the state. The Seaford facility had delivered over 250,000 packages since opening in January.

The building is 100,000 square feet and has more space for expansion. Kelly said the company is hoping to expand by the summer and may also expand the delivery station’s service area to the Delaware beaches.

The local team comes in at 2 a.m. and is at full capacity at 3:30 a.m., working until around 9:45 a.m. The company also works with delivery service partners, who are small business owners who are not Amazon employees. The drivers work for these partners. Also, flex drivers work out of the facility. They show up, load up their cars and deliver packages, kind of like Uber for packages.

The delivery stations represent the third and final stop in the Amazon customer fulfillment process. Customer orders are delivered to a delivery station and then loaded into the Amazon vans and cars. Trucks arrive at the delivery station and packages are unloaded, sorted based on where they are going, put in small totes, and loaded onto the delivery vehicles.

“We’re very excited to bring Amazon here,” said Chip McKiney, a Sussex Tech graduate from Milford who started at the Seaford station in December. “Amazon makes sure it gets here. It’s our job to make sure it gets everywhere else.”

“The team here is doing an incredible job during their ramping up,” Kelly added.