By Carol Kinsley

For 40 years, Professional Leasing Inc. in Seaford has been providing economical leasing options to various businesses all over Delmarva.

Hunter Hopkins has been part of the local, family-owned business for eight years, along with his father, William “Bo” Hopkins, who has been president since 1986. Both realize that for the industries they service, the ability to access equipment is essential. “It’s how they operate, how they grow,” Hunter said. “Our goal is to simplify the process of obtaining equipment for their business.”

Professional Leasing provides 100% financing for new and used equipment and vehicles ranging in price from $10,000 to $250,000. There’s minimal upfront cost, with no large down payment that most banks require. 

“You can get equipment for as little as two payments up front,” Hunter said. “We want our customers to be able to conserve their capital and credit for other business needs. My goal is to simplify the process and get the customers what they need with as little money out of pocket as possible.”

The application process is simple. “Typically, we get approvals turned around the same day,” Hunter continued. Being family-owned and independent, Professional Leasing is a direct funding source. “We are the decision makers,” he explained. “We are here today so you will have an answer tomorrow.” There’s no red tape, no hidden fees.

“Lots of companies like ours are brokers. They sell your lease transactions to other institutions. With Professional Leasing, your business stays on Delmarva. Your service stays with us. We work with you through the duration of your lease.”

Professional Leasing is also extremely flexible, Hunter said. “We have the flexibility to work with all types of equipment from different manufacturers, even private sales. Furthermore, we are not restricted to certain guidelines and approval processes that other institutions use.”

A typical inquiry, Hunter explained, might be a customer looking at a piece of new or used equipment or a vehicle, something the customer has already picked out. “We provide the funding to buy the equipment and lease it to you,” he said. “Alternatively, we can pre-approve our customers who need a specific piece up to a certain amount. This gives our clients the freedom to negotiate with vendors or even go to auctions to try to find a deal on the equipment they need.”

The bulk of the company’s business is in transportation, manufacturing, construction and agriculture.

There are multiple terms to choose from, with fixed payments for up to 72 months — so there is no need to worry about rising interest rates. And you can own the equipment after the duration of your lease for as little as $1.

One Delaware hardscaping and rental company commented: “I would recommend Professional Leasing, Inc. to any business looking for not just a lender, but a partner to help their business grow.”

Hunter responded, “It’s really great to be part of their success stories.”

Contact Professional Leasing at 302-629-4350, by email at, or stop in at 740 Sussex Ave., Seaford, to discuss your needs. Professional Leasing will work with you to formulate a plan that works best for your business. Easier still, request a free, no obligation quote online at