By Rebecca Jones

On Tuesday, Sept. 13, approximately 400 people reaped the benefit of One Laurel’s Appreciation Day. According to the leaders of One Laurel, it was a way to give back to community servants who give so much to the town of Laurel. 

Shown during One Laurel Appreciation Day are Alyzjah Kellam and Jonathan Kellam, Sr., of Jonathan’s Delights Barbeque.

Jonathan Kellam, Sr., proprietor of Jonathan’s Delights Barbeque and a member of One Laurel said, “We love Laurel. We appreciate our teachers, first responders, and the unsung heroes that do so much to make Laurel a better place. People don’t see what they do, like the firefighters protecting houses at two in the morning.”

Positioned outside of the Laurel Middle and High School near the stadium, they fed lunch to members of the school district, the police force, town council, firefighters and other civil servants. Bill McGowan of One Laurel said, “Public 

 service is a humble profession. You’re serving your community. We’re trying to make little ripples in our town.” 

He added, “It’s not about saving the world… it’s the little ripples. What is One Laurel? It’s all of us, concentrating on the power of one, helping the community to be what it can be.”

Kellam added, “Whatever we the members do for One Laurel, we all do together. It’s like Bill said, we’re trying to make little ripples in our town. We’re trying to make this a better place, together.” 

Kellam brings his culinary magic to other non-profit events, like a Boys and Girls Club event that took place in Laurel on Sunday.

One Laurel meets every other Wednesday. One Laurel began in 2017 as a community action organization to help make Laurel a “safer, more prosperous and very attractive place to live.”