By Carol Kinsley

In January, Dr. Shekinah Mast opened her own private audiology practice, Mast Audiology Services LLC, in Seaford. Mast grew up in Dover, then attended Towson University in Maryland for her bachelor’s and doctoral degrees. She and her family moved to Seaford five years ago.

Mast puts her patients and their needs first, with a goal of being able to improve patients’ hearing and communication and, ultimately, their quality of life.

Hearing loss has a bigger effect on your life than you realize. It’s not just missing out on conversations.

“The risk for dementia sky rockets — a significantly higher risk for those with untreated hearing loss. And falling is three to five times more likely because of the damage to the inner ear,” Mast warned. 

“The beginning of hearing loss is not so obvious at first. Typically, it takes seven years to seek treatment. But the longer hearing loss goes untreated, the more difficult it is for the brain to get used to hearing again. The sooner the treatment, the better the results,” she said.

An annual hearing test is recommended for those over age 50, she added. 

Mast Audiology Services provides comprehensive diagnostic hearing testing, ear wax removal, and hearing aid consultations, fittings, maintenance and care. Mast offers a wide range of products and technologies, with multiple service package options and financing for hearing aid purchases. 

Mast said she likes the instant gratification a hearing aid provides. “It is life-changing. Patients can hear the improvement in hearing immediately and are able to communicate more effectively.”

Don’t ignore the warning signs you’ll find online at Call 302-404-5084 to arrange a visit to Mast Audiology Services at 808 Middleford Rd., Ste. #4, in Seaford.