As you might imagine, it can be awkward to say Hudson Behavioral Health (HBH) is “in the business of recovery” even in a business publication, because it sounds impersonal. But when Leslie Brown, President and CEO, talks about HBH, she’s clearly aware that to bring critical services to an underserved community, her team’s business acumen is a significant benefit.

Hudson Behavioral Health’s recovery houses offer warm, safe spaces for contemplation and fellowship. Photo by Cheryl Nemazie

Hudson Behavioral Health is an addiction treatment system that provides all levels of care including medical detoxification, mental health therapies, inpatient services, and treatment and sober living homes in the Delmarva Peninsula. The way in which Brown designed the business model maximizes all levels of care with a system providing up to seven months of treatment. This care allows the patient to focus on a new life of recovery as a lifelong process, a new way of living. 

Hudson was founded in 1980 as an alcohol treatment program for men. Today, HBH has become a large system of care for addiction with over 100 employees and 10 facilities. By responding to the call of an ever-changing environment of critical needs, including mental health issues, HBH has incorporated Mental Health Therapies in its inpatient care and treatment housing. Brown notes that “mental health issues don’t just make life harder; they fuel addiction.”

When asked about the organization’s response to COVID-19, Brown proudly stated that “We never had to close our doors. With over 100 patients, we knew we needed to act fast.” While there were some delays and frustrations, especially in the early days of the pandemic when personal protection equipment (the now ubiquitous term “PPE”) was hard to come by and testing was in its infancy, the team’s resourcefulness was one of its greatest assets. 

Compassion was another. “Nothing about recovery is easy,” said Sher’ra Brown, Director of Nursing. “It takes tremendous fortitude to realize you need help and ask for it, so it is important that our doors are open and our resources available. Even in the midst of chaos, our job is to find a way, and we do.”

The HBH Help Line is open 24/7/365 and can be reached at 410-219-9000. If you or someone you know needs help, please call or visit for additional information.