Before Cunningham Piano Company opened their doors in Delmar, Del. in 2021, they were known nationally for many generations as piano experts. The company’s roots go back to 1891, when Patrick J. Cunningham emigrated to the United States from Ireland with a craft and a dream. 

Cunningham hand built a small number of pianos in Philadelphia, immediately gaining praise and recognition throughout the region. Over the next few decades, Cunningham saw his business expand and thrive, receiving awards for both quality and design. 

Jason Andino, second generation Steinway craftsman is custom making a new soundboard. Jason worked at the Steinway factory for years making soundboards and so did his father, Angelo Andino, for many years before that.

During the 1920s, the heyday of the player piano, Cunningham Piano Company was the largest manufacturer of player pianos in Philadelphia and shipped their wares to the entire east coast. Noted musicians praised the instruments and George Gershwin even wrote Porgy & Bess on a Matchless Cunningham Upright. 

Since WWII, Cunningham Piano Company has shifted from manufacturing to restoration. Their staff of 15 technicians and experts have fully rebuilt and restored world class pianos for professionals, universities and avid amateurs across the US and all over the world. 

In addition to being historic experts, Cunningham Piano Company is also a leader in the latest and most advanced technologies being used by musicians and pianists today. This acumen led them to be one of the most awarded dealers in the United States for Yamaha, the world leader in technology as it applies to the piano. 

So, why Delmar? 

Rich Galassini, co-owner commented, “Lower Delaware and the rest of the Delmarva Peninsula represents an area that is a growing population. There are residents here who are hungry for the arts, including music. Cunningham Piano Company is responding to that demand with our new location in Delmar.” 

“But frankly,” Rich continued, “the reason our new location is a success is because Glenn Clutter is running the operation. Glenn is an expert in all things piano. He has traveled the world and worked with the finest makers throughout Europe, the US and Asia. He has more experience than just about anyone in the industry.” 

Glenn Clutter humbly added, “It is true that I have experience that spans over 35 years and three continents, but I have never felt better supported by the company I am working with than I do right now with Cunningham Piano Company. Their resources, customer service and products are always outstanding. They enjoy such a great reputation with professionals and teachers that students feel totally comfortable here. I invite everyone to stop by and learn more.”

Cunningham Piano Company is located at 38661 Unit 5-6, Sussex Highway, Delmar, DE. Visit the website: or call 302-907-5023 for more information.