Travel trends in 2020

By Tina Coleman

Southern Delaware Tourism

For those whose businesses depend on tourism to any degree, it’s crucial to stay on top of travel trends. Trekksoft releases an annual travel trends report every summer and CrowdRiff has just released its Ultimate List of Travel Statistics for 2019 & 2020 so, as we did last November,  we’re going to share some of the results of their most recent reports as this year draws to a close and our tourism partners begin planning their business and marketing strategies for 2020.

Both the Trekksoft and Crowdriff reports draw on and compile statistics from many sources including Skift, Google Consumer Insights,, Kayak, TripAdvisor, Adventure Travel Trade Association, CNN, Travel Weekly, Expedia Media Solutions, Martech Zone, Sojern, Tour Scanner, and others.

Diving into the data:

Trekksoft: The in-destination event is now the third largest sector in travel, it’s the most memorable part of travel and the area with the most opportunity. “Greenberg analyzed over a thousand travelers’ online behavior and found that searches for activities are happening across devices in the three months prior to a trip, but shift significantly to 54 percent mobile when travelers are in-destination” (Google 2019).  Fourty eight percent of experiences bookings are happening once travelers arrive at their destination. In fact, Phocuswright, (2017) says, “The activity/tour/experience segment will grow to $183 billion by 2020, and accounts for 10 percent of global travel revenue.”

Takeaways: Make sure your website is easily navigable and that experiences can be booked on your site in real time. And make sure your site is mobile friendly – customers are comfortable researching, booking, and planning their entire trip to a new destination on a mobile device (Google 2019). Also, be certain to plug your business into local apps where travelers can find you easily when they are actually here and looking for things to do. Mobile devices also lead to a greater propensity to book at the last minute. Google data shows that travel-related searches for “tonight” and “today” have grown over 150 percent on mobile over the past two years (Google 2018). And stay tuned for Southern Delaware Tourism’s Sidekick App, launching in coming weeks, which will provide our in-destination guests with a one stop shop to connect with local tourism partner businesses and organizations and include events, deals, maps, Trip Advisor ratings, area info, and lots more.

Crowdriff: Approximately 75 percent of travel followers likely will “take action on videos they see, either swiping for more information, sharing with a friend, visiting a website, or downloading an app (Wex, 2019). 1,000,000 travel-related hashtags are searched weekly (Wex, 2019). Fifty two percent of future travelers have liked a Facebook page related to their destination (MDG Advertising, 2018) and 60 percent of consumers were influenced by consumer generated content when planning travel whereas the influence of professional brand images was only 19 percent in 2019 (Simpleview, 2019). Eighty four percent of millennials and 73 percent of non-millennials are likely or very likely to plan a trip based on someone else’s vacation photos or social media updates.

Takeaways: Whether you’re business is a hotel property, a tour operator, an outfitter, a restaurant, or a specialty retail store, up your social media game. Using website galleries and social media accounts, share beautiful photos and videos – user generated when possible as they are considered by travelers to be more authentic – with relevant hashtags, to capture the imaginations (and bookings!)  of potential visitors. Considering that 60 percent of travelers use social media to showcase their vacation photos –  and a whopping 90 percent of millennials do (MDG Advertising 2018) – there’s plenty of user generated material out there, so make the time to find it,  capture it, obtain permissions, and use it on your social media platforms and marketing initiatives.

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