Three new homes to be constructed in Laurel’s Old Town neighborhood

By Todd A. Hurley

The Milford Housing Development Corporation began construction on three new homes in Laurel’s Old Town Neighborhood with a groundbreaking ceremony on Tuesday, April 16.

“We’re fortunate to celebrate what’s going on here,” Laurel Redevelopment Executive Director Brian Shannon said. “It’s ironic we’re here today after what flew through here yesterday (the tornado) and devastated everyone that lives here.”

With a goal to build and sell 10 homes by the end of 2020, the Milford Housing Development Corporation will build and sell four new homes on the properties donated by the city of Laurel.

“It’s great when the community says, ‘This is what we want, this is what we need’,” Russell Huxtable, vice president and COO of the Milford Housing Development Corporation, said.

Members of the Laurel Redevelopment Corporation, Sussex County Habitat for Humanity, Milford Housing Development Corporation and Town of Laurel welcome new homeowner, Ashley Scye, and her sons, Connor and Carter. Photo by Todd A. Hurley

Aside from the construction, the Sussex County Habitat for Humanity blessed a home for rehabilitation.

“Two years ago, we announced a commitment to the revitalization of Old Town,” Sussex County Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Kevin Gilmore said.

Ashley Scye and her two sons, Connor and Carter, are thankful for this opportunity. “We are extremely grateful,” Scye said, I’m proud of my boys. I do it for them. We are forever grateful.”

“I’d like to add my congratulations,” Laurel Mayor John J. Shwed said. “My heart is with you. Congratulations to the family. It’s a great day for everyone.”

“I’m very rarely speechless,” Scye said, but this whole process has me speechless.”

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