Spread the word about your campaign

By Hook PR & Marketing

You’ve brainstormed, devised a marketing campaign, created content and added it to your digital customer journey.

Now what?

Your beautiful campaign is sitting there, waiting to be loved.

Don’t wait. Spread the word about your campaign. Here are the top five ways to get your customers engaged with your content:

Do you have an enewsletter? A bite-size piece of your campaign should appear in each issue. Try changing it to appeal to different audiences and see who bites.

LinkedIn. You should treat each of your channels a bit differently. For LinkedIn, target other business people who might be interested in how you set up your campaign. Write a short article about creating your campaign and include a link to part of your campaign for those who might be interested.

On Facebook, create different posts to bring people in. Be sure to have a short post with an engaging image and a strong CTA. Vary the posts over several weeks and track which performs best, then freshen it and get rid of the duds.

On Twitter, offer something – a tip or insight could be enough to lure them to your site. Experiment with hashtags. If your business type has a strong Twitter presence, tag other users and check out which hashtags are most popular.

Start something new. Adding a feature is a great way to increase engagement. It could be a new podcast, new Instagram page, new TV commercial, or just updating the look of your website.

What to do if your campaign missed the mark?

You’ve put it out there and invited your followers and customers to engage with your new campaign, but still you just hear crickets. Perhaps it’s time for a change. Maybe the words don’t resonate. Maybe the images don’t engage.

It’s OK if your campaign didn’t quite work the first time. It just means you know what not to do next time. Rearrange the art, update the article, freshen your CTA. And, get back out there and promote it again.

You can do this.

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