Seaford varsity football team welcomes new assistant coaches

By Lynn Schofer

The Seaford football team will kick off the 2019 season at home against First State Military Academy. The Blue Jays return Dwayne Henry to the field in his fifth season as head coach. This year Coach Dwayne Henry is also joined by returning assistants Matt McCoy, Joe Paleen and new to the staff are Don Golacinski and Dylan Fox.

“Don and I have known each other for a very long time. He coached me and then we worked together and it is great to be working together again. He is a great line coach and I’m excited he is part of the staff. Dylan Fox is great with coaching the center and the long snap and both Matt and Joe are key players to my staff,” said Henry.

Seaford seniors this year are Tim Kilgore, Johnny Cetoute, and Taion Jenkins, “Tim is an athletic outside linebacker with speed and Johnny is at half back position, I expect leadership and laying it out on the field while Taion is new to the team this year.”  Seaford graduated the quarterback Isaiah Lake and Raymond Brady, who led the team last year in rushing yards, will take over the snaps.

“Ray Brady is an all-around player who can do anything with the ball,” Henry said.

Ray Brady will lead the Blue Jays football team as its quarterback this season. Photo by Lynn Schofer

A newcomer is Zane Adams, “He was a soccer goalie and he is now playing wide receiver, safety, and is our kicker.”

Coach Henry was pleased with an early season scrimmage, “We did some things very well and I liked the play of the offensive line.”

Henry said the Henlopen South is the toughest in the state, “There is Woodbridge who are reigning state champions and Delmar. If they minimize mistakes and just compete in each play then it will make a difference.”

Coach Henry said one of the concerns are the limited freshman that are playing, “We usually get 10-12 freshman and hoping once school starts it will change.” Another factor that hit the team is travel football, “I believe high school kids should play high school football and it is too much to play eight quarters of football in a week, so for me you have to choose one or the other. It would be too much time for a 14 year-old to be on the football field Friday evening and expect to play again on Saturday.”

Coach Henry said he is optimistic, “I think the numbers will improve with the freshman class. We need to work on the line because we lost Dorian Steger and Thomas Lacey, but these kids are coachable and working hard.”

Some returning players are Jyrell Thomas, Wendy Pierre Noel, Booker Deshields, Dewaint’s Drummond, Nathan Holmes,  Dieuvens Lebreton, Ed Mann, Shi’mere Deshields, and Michael Lewis. Henry said a goal is that he believes the team can have a winning season, “Being competitive in every game will improve the chances to win some of the games that slipped away last year. Ray Brady also brings the experience to lead the offensive line.”

Seaford finished the 2018-19 season with a 2-8 record, which Coach Henry said he believes the team can improve this season.

The Blue Jays’ opening night is Sept. 13 at Bob Dowd Stadium.

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