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  • Shown are Wicomico Environmental Trust members Madeline Adams, left, and Judy Burns during a recent meeting.

A look at the HALO ministry: An organization in service of its community

February 7th, 2020|Categories: SALISBURY|

Café, shelter, youth program, respite center, and thrift store: HALO Ministry is all of those things and more. HALO, standing for Hope and Life Outreach, has been dedicated to bringing hope, resources, and spiritual support to those locals finding themselves homeless  for going on 13 years. Through a variety of programs, HALO seeks to make a sustainable impact on the local area and its people. HALO was founded by Celeste Savage, current CEO and Executive Director, who describes an evolving journey for HALO. When it began, HALO provided a short-term shelter for homeless men at a local church. Seeing the need to serve more people, and for a [...]

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Finding Stillness

The first month of this new year is already gone. Where did it go? We just welcomed the new year. Most people I meet seem to be experiencing the feeling, and stress that goes with it, that time is passing by too fast. It is time to slow down. But how? I grew up in a small town in the north of Chile and I remember when time seemed to pass by so slow. There was no rush to get anywhere, no big aspirations, life was simple, and at times it felt as if life was still for a moment. I lived with my grandfather for a year when I was six years old and after our big meal at noon time, he would have my sister and I sit outdoors in the soft sun in front of a beautiful garden. We didn’t have any toys in that space and we did what he told us, to just sit and be. Little did he know that he was teaching us mindfulness and how to be present. In mindfulness we learn that we can experience deep joy when our mind can become still for a moment. In that stillness we [...]

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