• Shown is the caboose, located on Pennsylvania Avenue in Delmar. The town began restoration of the caboose last year and will begin work on the second phase this spring. Photo by Mike McClure

Salisbury celebrates random acts of kindness week 2021

February 8th, 2021|Categories: SALISBURY|

City of Salisbury Secretary of Kindness Grace Foxwell Murdock is once again working hard to spread kindness throughout the area for Random Acts of Kindness Week 2021. In partnership with the city of Salisbury, the kindSBY initiative continues to thrive as Murdock begins the safety-conscious kindness campaign this February. “COVID-19 has not stopped kindness. Kindness doesn’t rest. We are active all the time thinking and living kindness in Salisbury and Wicomico County,” Murdock [...]



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Etch-Art Awards: Making memories last a lifetime

While often referred to as a trophy shop, Etch-Art Awards in Salisbury is much more. The staff at Etch-Art helps individuals, businesses and organizations recognize achievements, reward excellence, commemorate events, celebrate milestones, raise awareness and promote business.  All of that [...]

DPR to expand on love this Valentine’s Day

“Love your neighbor,” a scripture that seems lost in translation these days, is something that Delmarva Performance and Repair (DPR) of Delmar, Del., holds dear.   Whether its for teachers, nurses, military, first responders, or even parents of special needs children, [...]

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