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  • At First Shore Federal, being “Community Minded” is more than just giving money. It’s also being proud of and supporting our associates who give their time, talent and treasure to support significant local groups and causes. Shown are some of First Shore’s staff who hold leadership positions in the communities we serve.  From left, across front, Sharon Morris (Village of Hope, Salvation Army, and others), Paula Brown (Fruitland Chamber Treasurer, Eastern Shore Shrine Angels Treasurer), Sue Vincent (Snow Hill Rotary), Diane Turner (Community Foundation Investment Committee, Parkside High band boosters), Cheryl Swift (several veterans groups), Alexis Ondo (Operation We Care), Cheryl Young (Delmarva Zoological Society), Diane Koch (Bethany – Fenwick Chamber of Commerce) and Rebecca Mason (Costen House Museum). At rear, from left, Jim Jones (Community Foundation board), Marty Neat (Wor Wic Community College et. al), Nestor Bleech (Salisbury Neighborhood Housing Service), and Oliver Waters (Habitat of Wicomico County and Maryland Capital Enterprises).
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Salisbury Takeout Bingo drums up business for local restaurants

May 1st, 2020|Categories: SALISBURY|

Businesses near and far are feeling the profound impact of COVID-19 as continued public safety measures impact day to day operations for some and have shuttered others. Restaurants, as essential businesses, are still able to operate providing carryout and delivery, yet they feel the strain of the pandemic. Ever-focused on supporting local businesses, the City of Salisbury and Salisbury community members saw an opportunity to rally behind home-grown dining staples to provide a boost to their revenue and the local economy with the Salisbury Takeout Bingo. In mid-March, Salisbury Mayor Jake Day explained, Salisbury’s Mayor’s Business Roundtable gathered for an emergency meeting and it quickly became clear food [...]

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Finding peace inside your heart

As we all face the challenges of COVID-19, we continue to adapt to what life brings not knowing when it will end or what the aftermath will be. This is a time to strengthen our faith and trust that everything will work out for our highest good. God is leading the way. During this time of uncertainty and unrest, I invite you to go within and find peace inside your heart. In the midst of my own struggles to adapt, I had a dream that was filled with challenges, darkness, and hardships. I was also taking care of a young child along the way. In the dream I was afraid for my life, the safety of the child and experienced a strong fear that I was not going to make it but something deep inside me trusted that I needed to keep going. I followed the guidance of others for my next steps. At the end of my dream, I came out of a dark tunnel and stepped into the light where I saw a lot of people who were happy to see me and the child I was caring for. It seemed like they were waiting for me. This dream reaffirmed that I need to keep going and that the end is near. The COVID-19 experience will be forever embedded in our minds. This experience has shaken us like nothing before. Is it going to make us stronger or weaker? It’s up to us - we have [...]

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