Miklus named new Seaford superintendent

By Scott Bleile

In front of a standing room only crowd at the October Seaford School board meeting, board members voted to name Dr. Corey Miklus as the new superintendent effective Jan. 1, 2020 with a 4-0 vote with one-member abstaining. He will replace David Perrington, who will be retiring on Dec. 31. Board members also welcomed Alison Travers to the board. Travers is finishing out Mike Kraft’s term.

“It is a joy to work in the Seaford School District,” said newly appointed Superintendent Miklus. “I am so proud of the work all of the staff has done to keep us moving forward as a district. I am excited to keep the momentum going and to have this great opportunity to lead the district. We have a great foundation to build on within each of the schools. We have certain areas where we need to strengthen areas with our middle and high schools.”

Miklus takes over from Perrington who has been superintendent for four years and in education for 22 years. He started with the Caesar Rodney School District and became a principal at the Woodbridge School District before coming to Seaford as the director of instruction.

“I want to be accessible to everyone who has questions,” Miklus continued. “I want to make sure we communicate with parents, staff and the community to keep them informed and keep them involved with the district. We have developed many good relationships with businesses in the community, as well as the city of Seaford and the Western Sussex Boys and Girls Club. We want open dialogs between the staff, administration and community to help solve problems. The B&G’s Club sets up programs which help our students. They are invested in the students and we are finding more and more community support for the students. We want parents and our community to become involved with our schools. This will help bring back the Blue Jay spirit we need to see again. There are many good events happening at our schools. Our Career and Technical Education (CTE) dinner was a big success at the high school. It showcased our students’ work to the business members of the community and parents. We are going to work very hard to build trust and community spirit toward our district. We want everyone to become involved with our schools.”

Before the board went into executive session to discuss the superintendent selection, several members of the community voiced concerns over the selection process.

Jeanne Harp spoke to the board concerning the new superintendent. Harp feels the new superintendent should live in Seaford or at least in Western Sussex and be a part of the community.

“We need to address our class sizes,” said Harp. “How can a teacher teach with so many students and have to deal with behavior problems? Somehow, we need to lessen the load on our teachers and get the community more involved in the educational process. The district needs to make sure information gets out to all about the items happening in the schools both good and bad.”

John Hollis also spoke to the board about the selection process. “First I want to commend the board members and Mr. Perrington for all their professionalism shown to me during my communication with the board and administrators. I worked in this district for over 30 years as a teacher, coach and administrator. From my perspective, there needs to be a proper search done. I feel you need to have communication from the community, teachers and others so there can be a proper decision made as to who the new superintendent will be.”

Board President David Tull addressed the audience about the selection. “I have been involved with the selection of two superintendents and watched another. We went through a national search for one, which did not pan out and did a local search for another, who is with us today. We decided as a board several years ago to bring in an assistant superintendent, so we can start the process of having a qualified person to replace the superintendent if they would decide to leave. We will consider all options, but we need to do what is right for the district. I know in my heart we will not please everyone, that is impossible, but we will do our best and do what is right for our students, staff and our district.”

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