Letters to the Editor: Combatting Corona

From the first case of the virus in the USA to one million cases was 99 days, to two million cases another 43 days, then 28 days to reach three million, and now 14 days more to four million. Almost 145,000 citizens dead. No national plan yet to combat it, Trump says let the governors worry about it while he does rallies in closed-in venues like Tulsa which caused more cases, and Pence said it would be gone by Memorial Day. There have been estimates by some medical experts that the actual number of cases may be 10 times higher than any reported figures. Trump finally says masks are OK yet is then shown sans mask at a fundraiser. Currently there are at least 20,000 confirmed, documented lies by him in office.

To date as much as $7 million from the RNC, Fed. protective service, and campaign donors went into Trump businesses, while he tells our ambassador to Britain that he should “get the British Open golf tournament” for the Trump golf course in Scotland that is losing money. The ambassador was warned this was illegal and yet still went and asked.

Putin has offered bounties on U.S. troops in Afghanistan as verified by our Intelligence people and yet Trump does nothing to call out the Russian menace on this. It would be most interesting to see what videos, financial leverage, etc. that Putin holds over Trump that causes him to be so weak he cannot speak or take action to protect our volunteer service members.

Unidentified people in military style uniforms (possible Russian trained and forced on Trump by Putin) now are deployed in U.S. cities, not requested by any city or state, are kidnapping peaceful protestors into unmarked vehicles, taken to unknown sites, without legal warrants, not brought before any city or state duly constituted court, then released after the unlawful detention. In my view these illegal actions by secret unknown people are in direct contravention of Amendment IV of the Constitution, and any Trump administration official involved in these extra-legal activities should be immediately removed from office and possibly be tried for treason.

One poor individual was standing peacefully holding a portable radio at arms length above his head when he was shot directly in his forehead by a tear gas projectile from one of these unidentified miscreants and suffered a life threatening injury to which I currently do not know the outcome.

Does Trump express his well wishes to the victims of his virus, the families of the deceased, the medical workers and supporting staff, the grocery store and restaurant workers, the truck drivers and field workers? Not that I have ever seen or heard. But he does state on national TV that he does “wish well” to Ghislaine Maxwell, the girlfriend of the deceased Jeffrey Epstein, who is now in custody as a vital witness in the underage sex trafficking ring that has potential to identify many well-known high placed individuals. Numerous photos are now appearing of Epstein and Maxwell with what appear to be their close friends who may or may not be involved in that mess. Strange that she would be “wished well” by Trump.

After three and a half years have we seen from Trump and his party a Health Care Plan, Gun Control Plan, Virus Control Plan, any plan that benefits the average Joe and not the top one percent, a plan to facilitate voting by mail to protect the health of everyone from the virus, which plan also combats the voter suppression activities now underway by some malign actors? He has made the USA number one in virus cases and deaths, disdain from our former great allies, unemployment of our vital middle class, fomented and stoked divisions as a way to curry favor with his diminishing base of support.

If you want to do any fact checking of something you have seen, heard, read AARP suggests the following sources: PolitiFact.com, FactCheck.org, Snopes. com, LeadStories.com, ScienceFeedback. com, CheckYourFact.com, poynter.org/ CoronavirusFactsAlliance, WashingtonPost.com/news/fact-checker.

Personally I have found detailed, factual accounts in the Washington Post that you will not see elsewhere. And remember as I heard Rush Limbaugh state on his show “I only do this for the money”, a statement which surely applies to Trump. His actions and statements every day verify he has not, does not and will not ever care about our country or we citizens. He is the embodiment of the quote by the cartoon character Pogo “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

Upon college graduation my first job was with the USAF at Olmstead AFB Middletown PA with the Aerospace Fuels Group. Shortly after joining that Group the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred [hopefully some readers will recall that event]. A day or so into that event the USA military was directed to go to DEFCON 1 [Defense Condition] the highest readiness alert just prior to the start of a real war with Russia. Our job at Aerospace Fuels was to provide the aviation gas for our aircraft who might be sent to attack Russia, and to insure our missiles had the necessary propellants and pressurants if it became necessary to launch them against Russia. If you can, try to imagine the fear we felt, me as a new low-level government employee, for the sake of our country that might soon be possibly destroyed along with our loved ones and way of life by the Russian foe. I personally right now am more fearful than I was those many years ago in that extremely dire circumstance because we have an insidious internal enabler of the Russian enemy who is doing things that are harmful now and for years to come that fit the Russian playbook to destroy our country and way of life from the inside at the highest political office. I sincerely pray that we soon purge the Russian enabler from our society.

Jim Suda


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