I, my wife and our family wish to ex- tend our deep appreciation and prayerful thanks to all the unsung heroes who have kept our great country running as safely as possible during this worldwide pandemic. The grocery store employees, truck drivers, all medical personnel, trash and recycling people, fast food and restaurant workers, mall and big box store employees, police and firemen and ambulance workers, food bank and homeless shelter workers, military forces doing social oriented tasks, nursing home and adult care workers, and so many others have been helpers that we have looked to for assistance and support to make our daily lives bearable, even as they have braved the possibility of contracting the virus with potential spread to their families and friends. These are the true unnamed heroes in the millions of our society. We owe them big and must never forget their crucial roles in keeping us as safe as they could. Tell them “Thanks” when you meet them.

Sen. Bob Dole has been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer at age 97. He is a true American hero who has borne up for decades with grievous war wounds suffered in defense of the U.S. Until recently, I understand he would go to the D.C. War Memorials in his wheelchair and greet veterans personally and extend his thanks for their service. Quite a contrast of character and empathy with the Yellow Haired Scourge who was just booted out of D.C., by a resounding margin, who called our military men and women losers and suckers after having been a draft dodger himself.

More than 550 Capitol Hill staff people signed an open letter to the U.S. Senate pleading for the Senate to impeach Trump. During the Jan. 6 insurrection, House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy was able to contact Trump by phone and in the midst of the murderous assault begged him to send military or police to fend off the cowards attacking the overwhelmed Capitol Police. The response from Trump as reported was “Well Kevin, I guess these people are more upset about the election than you are,” as he reportedly gleefully watched the savagery on TV at the White House. Even after being advised that Mike Pence was in possible physical danger from the mob, Trump took no action and it eventually it apparently was Pence who authorized the National Guard presence. It is also reported that it was five days after the mob violence before Trump spoke to Pence. Some people in this country do not realize that if you lose an election as badly as Trump did, you put on your big boy pants, admit you lost, then if you really care about this country you do what we have been doing for more than 200 years, you go out and compete in the next election to see what that outcome will be.

Trump is said to be a speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference and he stated he would not attend if Pence was going to be there. I guess Trump was afraid that Pence would ask him why the Trump raiders on the Capitol were chanting “hang Pence, hang Pence” and had set up a gallows outside the Capitol.

After the cowardly Capitol raid, Republican leader Sen. McConnell stated that Trump was morally responsible for the attack and accused him of unconscionable behavior during the violence. The last time McConnell spoke to Trump was Dec. 10 and I do not know if they have spoken since the attack. I guess even after all the years of Trump showing what he really is that McConnell does not grasp that he has no moral compass to guide him.

During this tax season remember that for 10 of the last 15 years Trump paid zero taxes, and in two recent years paid only $750 taxes per year. It now hopefully appears that state and local authorities may be able to delve into financial records to determine what legally would be owed personally and business wise.

The latest news I have seen is that the Biden helpers are succeeding in bending the COVID-19 death rate from the one death every 28 seconds that was the Trump legacy of incompetence and lack of empathy for the suffering of our citizens. The more than 500,000 deaths to date is greater than the loss of our troops for WWI, WWII, and Vietnam combined. Another way of seeing it is that the deaths are more than the populations of cities of New Orleans, Cleveland, Tucson and Long Beach, CA. The current focus on vaccinations has seen more than 100,000 getting inoculated in the first 37 days under Biden. Under Trump $70 million was spent for ventilators that were inadequate to treat COVID-19 patients and the devices remain in warehouses.

Several weeks ago a letter was published which extolled and quoted many references from a book by David Barton. As a counter balance to the Barton book, please see on the internet an article from Church and State magazine entitled “The Barton Lies Debunked.” Another reference is a book “Getting Jefferson Right; Fact Checking Claims About Our Third President” by two professors at Grove City College. Further, National Public Radio, Barbara Bradley Haggerty, ran a show fact checking and refuting Barton and his claims.

In one of his frequent letters a writer stated “..forgive me if I sound a bit paranoid.” That letter reinforced in my estimation more fully, in conjunction with previous letters of the writer that are utterly devoid of facts, that his conclusion on himself is correct, and it may actually be a lesser degree of measurement than actually is the case.

Sorry to hear of the demise of Rush Limbaugh. Whenever I needed a laugh while driving I would tune him in for a few minutes to hear his inane blather. As he once stated, “I only do this for the money.”

Both Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico should be afforded full U.S. state- hood as soon as possible. Both entities have suffered maltreatment in their current statuses. They are tax paying citizens so why not have the same vote and representation as Delaware and the others ??

Five of the 15 members of the Electric Regulatory Council of Texas lived outside the state. Guess they had no power problems where they were, one even lived overseas.

James F. Suda