Letter to the Editor: Under God

It has brought to my attention through CBN news that the words “under God” were left out of the Pledge of Allegiance at least twice at public meetings during the Democratic National Convention. Also, NBC released a statement that said the move was “a bad decision” after a firestorm on social media. God is God no matter what religion you are!

Even so, when you see all these things you know that it is near, right at the door (Matthew 24:33).

Our Bill of Rights was written with the belief that a Godly country was good for all! Our forefathers came to this country to escape religious persecution.

Why, after many years, has the nativity scene on the Circle in Georgetown become a safety hazard? Has it ever blown over and out on the roadway, causing a hazardous situation? No! I am a Christian and have looked forward to seeing the nativity scene being displayed everywhere at Christmas.

I don’t know why people come to a wonderful country like the United States because of depression and feat of government, only to try and make the U.S. like the country they came from. The U.S. is the greatest country in the world, proven by the number of people from other countries flocking to live here. I am a registered Independent, but I think President Trump has done a good job as president.

Why then has the Democratic party tried to impeach President Trump from the time he was elected? Stop and ask what Joe Biden did to help America while he was in office.

Now the Democrats are pushing for mail-in ballots. They know that mail-in ballots will screw up the system and cause a hold up in determining the election.

Democratic Attorney General Letitia James of N.Y. has been trying to take down the NRA by freezing its assets, cutting their funds and their influence right before the election. Their next step will be to confiscate your guns.

The Democrats have fueled the George Floyd and other issues like COVID-19 to make Trump look bad.

Things have gotten so bad that JKC Trucking has made the decision not to send delivery trucks into cities that are moving to defund police departments. They are doing this to protect the drivers, plus they say everybody wants to steal the cargo from the drivers.

We need police to enforce the law, control rioters, and control people who are led to believe they are doing the right thing.

John Isenhower


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