It has been nine months since the Biden/Harris Administration has been in power.

The southern border has had the flood gates left fully open allowing everyone and anyone to come pouring into the country. Do we truly know who most of these people are? Oh, I know we have all heard the stories about the women and children. But has anyone seen the unfiltered pictures? How many are males between the ages of 18 and 35? Biden says we will have the COVID-19 shots and our children have to wear the face diapers in school. Yet, I believe, those illegals pouring across the border have not had shots or have been tested or wearing masks. They are then gathered up and put on buses, trains and airplanes and sent all over the country. 

The Afghanistan pullout has become a total fiasco. The military was ordered out first, then government employees and the civilians to follow. How many were left behind? Thirteen of our military heroes were murdered, not killed in action, because of political incompetence. The U.S. GAO office reported that 83 billion dollars worth of military hardware was left behind, including 200 aircraft, 75,000 vehicles, 600,000 small arms and 30,000,000 rounds of ammo. Was the bomb that murdered those 13 heroes part of that ammo? No one will ask that question.

When Biden and Harris were sworn in, this country was energy self-sufficient. Now after a few short months and their policies on our supply of oil and natural gas, we are at the mercy of countries that hate us. Who do they care more for, their fellow American citizens and jobs or with these countries, that in some cases, back terrorism? On Jan. 20, the price of gas at Royal Farms was $ 2.45.

Now after nine months, the price is $3.35, an increase of $ 0.90. I suspect it’s only the beginning of rising gas prices. Will gas rationing be next with long lines at the pumps?

The 2021 UN Climate Change Conference was recently held in Glasgow, Scotland. Those who did not attend were China and India, the two worse polluters, and Saudi Arabia. They did not have to because Biden did their bidding. We now buy oil from Saudi Arabia and natural gas from Russia because of Biden’s policies. Those solar panels that Biden talked about come from China, using slave labor. Another subject was methane gases. Most of the world’s methane gases come from the 1413 active volcanos. I am not sure how he is going to handle that.

Herman Dickerson