Letter to the Editor: The only way to end rioting

Democrats are promising to stop the riots (I mean “mostly peaceful protests”) if dems are elected. Dems make lots of promises. But as the president’s son, Don Jr., says, dems have the “Liberal Privilege” of lying. Kamala Harris herself said, “The riots are not going to stop after election day. They should not let up”. Leading dems deny God and his laws. So, they can be immoral and capable of great evil. Just witness the last four years of illegal spying on Trump’s presidential campaign to thwart his election, and once in office, mindless resistance, blind obstruction, incessant investigations, and a sham impeachment.

Rioting is occurring because minorities have been convinced that they are being oppressed and victimized. Their liberal white supporters agree and feel great guilt.

Minorities are truly being victimized! But not by whites, America, Trump, or even the police. They are being systemically oppressed, victimized, and manipulated by one political party, socialist democrats! Dems have kept people of color dependent, keeping them poor through poor schools, drugs, lies, lack of jobs, and general hopelessness for decades. Keeping minorities poor has destroyed their families, necessitating welfare for single mothers. Dems never improve the minority’s plight, because they need the dependency and the issue for the next election.

The Democrat party has been following the Marxist playbook for a long time, first as a progressive party, and after Obama’s election, as a communist-run party, which it is now.

Re-electing Trump is the only way to stop rioting. Here’s why:

Democrats are leftist appeasers, soft on crime. That is why Democrat mayors and governors allowed rioters “to blow off steam” by looting, burning, and violence in democrat-run cities, damn the collateral damage. Plus, they thought they could blame Trump simply because he is “the man in charge of the whole country”, hoping to make him look ineffective and unable to stop the mayhem. However, being “in charge of the whole country” is not exactly true.

Trump oversees the executive branch of the federal government. The federal government is not a national government with authority over all 50 states. Each state is sovereign, with a governor in command, and mayors in control of municipalities. States are largely as autonomous as countries like Israel, Spain or Russia, except for the powers delegated to the feds by the Constitution.

Trump has little control over states. But if states run into trouble which governors can’t handle, state governors can ask the feds for help. Trump has offered to stop the rioting with the National Guard. He has been mostly rejected, because no matter what, Trump cannot be allowed to look good. Thus, all the blame for rioting rests solely with the dem governors or mayors. The dems have lost control of their evil scheme. Electing socialist democrats will only encourage the rioters because they will not be prosecuted.

Most Americans can see that this riot tactic is a continuation of the “mass resistance” to all things Trump. It also shows how much the dems care about the country, their states, their cities, and their businesspeople and citizens, which were sacrificed because their “oppression narrative” got out of control. In addition, many Democrat district attorneys are refusing to prosecute rioters, and “zero cash bail” policies allow rioters to be released immediately.

Trump, if re-elected, will not have to worry about another election. This means he can play rough and worry a little less about having his motives impugned. He is still restrained because he’s concerned about Republicans being elected when he leaves office after 2024.

To restore law and order, Trump may have to use the Insurrection Act to overcome the Democrat governors and mayors who refuse to honor their oaths of office and protect their people. Trump can then federalize that state’s national guard and quell the riots, have rioters arrested and sentenced to jail time depending on the jury’s verdicts. Federal troops cannot be told to stand down by governors or mayors. That means troops will move to arrest, and defend themselves. The threats alone may do the trick. Doing federal time will not be easy to escape and isn’t much fun. Law and order will prevail.

Dems, on the other hand, have used the “minority oppression narrative” to create chaos. Rioters really believe the narrative and are terribly angry. Telling people of color that it was all a ruse to make Trump look bad, and for dems to gain power, may not go over well. People do not like being used.

Armand Carreau


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