Letter to the Editor: Supporting Vincent

First District Sussex County Councilman Michael Vincent has a proven record of community service. It involves being there for our children to our senior citizens. Mike has served in the Seaford Volunteer Fire Department for decades and filling leadership roles, commanding decision making in the most stressful circumstances.

He has been engaged with the Western Sussex Boys and Girls Club, the Nanticoke Senior Center, the Seaford School District, and many other non-profit organizations providing resources when needed both professionally and personally.

He has experience and a record with Sussex County Council as well as the city of Seaford when he served on council. He listens to all, takes the information and develops a position. No, he does not always vote the way we would want, but how could he when many of us have a different view on any subject. However, he votes to provide the best service to our district possible. Certainly, his heart will always be with fire, ambulance and EMS services, as those are his platform, but he will also support other services needed such as infrastructure extensions, parks and recreation and our police.

We do not need to vote for change when we have a very qualified candidate in Michael Vincent, First District Sussex County Council. Please vote on Nov. 3.

Dolores Slatcher


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