The Clean Indoor Act of Delaware was enacted in 2002 to protect the general public from the hazards of emissions from smoking and electronic smoking devices. It even prohibits smoking in day care businesses. Science has repeatedly demonstrated that this “second-hand” smoke is dangerous to everyone that is exposed to it.

Why, 19 years later, is it still permitted in private clubs and private social gatherings and volunteer fire department fundraisers? Why would a fire department even consider allowing smoking when they know how many fires are started by smoking materials? The media is constantly telling us to “trust the science” when it comes to enacting rules governing gatherings and social distancing.

I have watched close relatives and friends die miserable deaths by lung cancer due to smoking. I care about my friends and family and encourage them to quit. This is the United States of America with freedoms and consequences. There is no desire to remove their right to smoke, however there is a desire to protect those who do not smoke from losing their freedom to breathe uncontaminated air.

To this end, the Nanticoke Post 6 of the American Legion is going to present a measure on the ballot to eliminate the policy of allowing smoking in our canteen. This vote will take place on April 17 and current members of the post will be permitted to vote their conscience. This is a compassionate decision, not an economic one.

We are here to serve our veterans and our community and there are many who cannot avail themselves of our benefits because we permit smoking. Any honorably discharged veteran is eligible to join our post and exercise their voting privileges once accepted.

Now is the time to make this long overdue change to our smoking policy and protect the health of all of our members and their families and guests.

Kevin Heenan
Nanticoke Post 6 active member